What type of fish is this?

  1. Haven Chapman Initiate Member

    I unexpectedly acquired a fish and I'm having trouble identifying it. I thought it was a bronze common goldfish at first, but a friend said it doesn't look like a normal goldfish.
    IMG_8004.JPG IMG_7999.JPG I'm sorry about the formatting, I'm not sure why they are upside down
  2. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    It's a standard goldfish but it's deformed. It has huge eyes and huge gills but a tiny body, comparatively.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

  3. joiakimfish Member Member

    Stunted growth perhaps ? Or birth defect?
  4. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Not stunted growth. Birth defect or possibly early damage?

  5. BonBon Member Member

    How did you unexpectedly get him? And even though he's deformed, I think he's adorable. ;)
  6. Haven Chapman Initiate Member

    I was hanging out with my friends at this fair and all of a sudden a bag flew out of nowhere and hit me. I picked it up and saw a little fish inside and decided not to give it back to the kid who threw it at me. It may be a fish, but it's still a living creature, you can't just throw it around. My friends got all over me about it but I don't care, he's a cute little guy and I'd rather give him a happier life, however short it may be, than leave him with a seven year old kid who was using him as a kickball.
  7. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Wow! Good on you for rescuing the little guy. How big is your tank?

  8. BonBon Member Member

    Geez, poor little fishie. He's lucky that he found you.
  9. Haven Chapman Initiate Member

    It's not really a tank, more of a large vase. I got him two days ago. My friend had some extra gravel and fish food, but otherwise I don't have anything else. I've changed his water one time and I've made sure it's room temperature beforehand. I ordered a small filter online, but I don't have a lot of money to get much else. I might get a couple small plants or save up for a real tank.
  10. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Well goldfish get pretty big and need a large tank or a pond in the long run. I'm not familiar with his species but that's a general thing for all goldfish.

  11. Haven Chapman Initiate Member

    He's really small right now, maybe an inch at most. How fast do they grow?
  12. BonBon Member Member

    I'd say get him at least a ten gallon, preferably more with a filter
  13. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    To be fair there still isn't much hope for it if you don't already have a cycled tank and filter....
  14. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    A ten gallon would fit for a while, I've heard stories of people that just upgrade gradually as the fish grows larger. He's a beauty in my opinion and I would have a hard time getting rid of him. I'm not familiar with goldfish and their growth but a 10 gallon should suffice for a while, you'll want to get him out of the vase as soon as possible though.
  15. Haven Chapman Initiate Member

    I'll head to a store this weekend and see what tanks I can afford. I'll get the biggest one I can. The filter is coming in the mail tomorrow. Would it be good to get him a friend or something if I can get a big enough tank?
  16. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Great! Make sure you also have a filter capable of filtering whatever size tank you get.
    I wouldn't bother thinking about this until you've found out what your tank size is gonna be and letting us know. He definitely doesn't NEED a friend if that's what you're wondering, he'll be perfectly content and happy on his own in good water conditions.

    Keep us posted!

    By the way, you may need to do daily water changes? Or try not to feed him too much so he won't poop so much, goldfish poop a lot, which is another reason for them needing a larger tank than you'd think. They pollute the water easily. If somebody experienced could comment on how you should take care of him until you get a tank that'd be great.

    I just wanted to say that in the meantime you should look up the nitrogen cycle and understand what it is. Know that you'll NEED an API Freshwater Master Test Kit, and Seachem Prime water conditioner would be GREAT to have as well.
  17. Haven Chapman Initiate Member

    Thanks so such for your help, I want to keep this little guy happy and healthy for as long as possible.
  18. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    I hope he toughs it out. He'll be happy in a big tank, and he looks real pretty. I'll be interested to see him grow larger.
  19. octavio Member Member

    PetCo often has sales whereaquarium tanks cost only $1 per gallon. so, a ten gallon would be $10. But my LFS here in Las Vegas sells a 10 gallon tank for $8. Look around in your area. Also check Craiglist. Folks often find excellent deals on used aquariums for sale on Craiglist. Good luck.
  20. Haven Chapman Initiate Member

    Hi, just thought I'd give an update. I got a tank for him, I think it's about 10 gallons or so. He seems to enjoy the decorations in the tank a lot, especially the rock-cave which he can swim through. He's become a lot more active since I first got him and is eating more. His coloring has also gone from a light brown to a shiny gold/bronze. He's grown a little bit, but is still very small for a goldfish. Overall, thanks to you guys, my fish is doing pretty great and seems a lot better from when I first got him.