What type of fish can I add? 10 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by JessiNoel21, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    Hello everyone I was wondering what other fish I could put in my 10 gallon live tank I have 1 Betta(Airey) and 3 Danios(1 male and 2 females) and will be getting 6 RCS in three days.
  2. mosaicguppyWell Known MemberMember

    What type of danios are they? Most get too big or active for a 10 gallon so it'll be best if you get a bigger tank or rehome them. Danios can also be really nippy if not kept in a large enough schools so they aren't the best tankmates for bettas. It depends on the betta what fish can go in there but neon tetras are a good choice for a 10 gallon. Other than fish, certain shrimp and snail might work. :)
  3. OP

    JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    They are zebra and they yet to go after the betta but than again Airey is very fast and they like staying near their rock plus I have tons of plants for all of them to hide in.I am getting 6 Red cherry shrimp on Friday which is your Saturday in Melbourne.

  4. mosaicguppyWell Known MemberMember

    Zebras are too active for a 10 gallon IMO and they need to be kept in a school or most likely they'll become nippy, neon tetras are a better choice if your betta isn't too aggressive. The shrimp will work as long as you have enough hiding places or the betta might eat them. :)

  5. deon juniorValued MemberMember

    i would definately get rid of the zebras. they are a great little fish but they are too active for a 10gl. neons would be great for the tank though
  6. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

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  7. OP

    JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    I plan on moving them to a 30 long when it is done cycling.Another question how can I tell who is male and who is female seeing even though I was told I had 1male and 2 females I want to make sure they are and I been looking at pics on here and they do not look like zebras they look like long fin leopards if they stay still I will try to get a pic.
  8. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Shrimp might be a good adition.
  9. angelfish220

    angelfish220Well Known MemberMember

    males are slightly smaller and more 'streamline' females are a bit blockier, especially when they are stuffed full of eggs, and bigger. Its harder to see at the store because usually they are young, but when they start growing in your tanks, you will be able to tell.
  10. OP

    JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    Thank you I will try to get pics
  11. OP

    JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

  12. mosaicguppyWell Known MemberMember

    Looks like a spotted danio(danio kyathit) to me.

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