What Type Of Fish Are These Question

  1. SBarrett312

    SBarrett312 Valued Member Member

    What type of fish are these? I caught them while fishing in Pennsylvania. Also what’s wrong with the blue one’s eye?

    IMG_1295.jpg IMG_1296.jpg
  2. Adriifu

    Adriifu Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a blue gill to me. Is the second picture a different fish? I can't really see it very well. @chromedome52
  3. Demeter

    Demeter Well Known Member Member

    The first and last fish looks to be some sort of sunfish, perhaps a pumpkin seed but the head shape looks a bit wrong for it. As for what's wrong with it, it looks pretty much dead in the pictures.

    The second fish looks like a crappie, not sure which as they all look the same to me.

    Link to list of panfish in PA
  4. ButchB

    ButchB New Member Member

    The first one is a sunfish (of which bluegill are a type). I can't tell beyond that; I am definitely not an expert. It looks like some trauma, possibly from another sunfish as they are very aggressive. The second is a crappie.
  5. T

    Td644 New Member Member

    First and last are Pumpkinseed as far as I can tell the black spot with orange edge on the gill cover, orange spots across the body and turquoise striping on the cheeks point to that I can't see the second well enough to geuss.
  6. chromedome52

    chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Second looks to be Pomoxis annulatus, the White Crappie. The other two are Pumpkinseeds, or a hybrid thereof.