What Type Of Crawdad Is This?

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    So my dad and I went fishing today and we had no luck so for the last thirty minutes of our fishin trip we just started catching crawdads. Well we were having fun catching all these crawdads without a care in the world until we had to go home. My dad was gonna use the crawdads for bait (keep em alive in a cooler, bucket or tank, whatever he has really) for the next fishing trip but when we were transfering them over i noticed this giy was bigger and had dofferent colors. Hes more of a brownish grey with a darker grey, almost black stripe on his back and his claws, his claws have bright orange tips too. The rest of the ones we caught are just a normal orangy red or brown. So i was wondering, what species is he? My dad let me take him home to my hous and im about to put him in a ten gallon. Ill share a pic of him in his little container, the water is a little murky but hopefully you can see what i mean.

    Hes about two or three inches long too.

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    What country/part of what country are you in?
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    Oh that's funny :) didn't even thing about that. I know the ones around southern manitoba change colour when they get too warm. Start off that grey colour but can turn a reddish/rust colour.
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    Middle tennessee
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    I looked through looked through the list and none seemed like the one i have. He does, however, look an awful like a ringed crawfish, they arent native to tennessee though.... I know that they are invading rivers nearby though, but i couldnt see anything about tennessee.
    Should i contact the wildlife agency about it? Idk what im supposed to do with a potential invasive species......

    EDIT: i managed to get in contact with a fishery biologist from the lake i found the crayfish in and i am currently waiting for a response.