What Type Of Betta Is She?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Happy Mama, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

        I was thinking she’s a crown tail, but I’ve never seen one like her. I can’t imagine what her brothers look like. Anyone know?

  2. Thedudeiam94 Valued Member Member

    Never seen one with a tail like that before! That’s interesting! Can’t wait until someone who knows what she is chimes in! Good job grabbing her before someone else did!

  3. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    She looks like a poorly bred comb tail to me.

  4. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    Not a CT, more likely to be a VT or HM but I can't see how many times the tail rays split. Looks to me she had a little damage to her tail and it healed back a little funky.
  5. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    I seriously thought she was sick or something, that’s why I took her home.
  6. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh lol, well unless she has something internal she is thankfully healthy
  7. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    She has spikes. Her tail is fine with (2) spikes, but her analfin does have a bite with (4) spikes.
  8. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    Still not CT, I'd lean towards VT because they very rarely have smooth edges. If you follow one ray in her tail, how many times does it branch? Just once means VT or sometimes a non-HM plakat but her analfin looks too long for the average plakat female.

    The uneven spikes are most often seen when there was a nip or tear in that area. I haven't had bettas have that much variation in the length of the rays but there were a few that got nipped by a siblings and as it healed that area grew longer than the others. Eventually the length evened out as the rest of the fin grew.

    Overall she doesn't look to bad, just needs some TLC and I be her colors will come out more.
  9. PheonixKingZ Well Known Member Member

    She looks good!! Good job snatching her up, before someone else could!! I agree with @Demeter, she looks like a Veil Tale.
  10. WinterSoldier. Well Known Member Member

    I am going to say halfmoon! Beautiful girl btw. When she is all settled you should post some more pics!
  11. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    (Sorry, I’ve never counted rays before.) 1...2...? But not more. You’re right!
  12. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    I’ll try to post an update if there’s changes. She is so “pale” right now. If she’s happy with us, about how long until I see results?
  13. Makuarium Valued Member Member

    A few days even
  14. Addie42 Well Known Member Member

    I hope you name her fork or something lol

    following for updates
  15. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    Oh, my! The pressure.
  16. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    ...or Spork?

    I’m going to wait a bit to name her though. I want to see if she changes. My other girls are Lola, Minty, Skylie, Elle and Bliss. I was thinking Betty (as in Ugly Betty). Who knows?
  17. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

            I knew she looked sick. She was just overly happy in that first picture of her. I checked on her this morning and she seemed listless with clamped fins. There’s white growth on her. I started her erythromycin (I know, big guns) and a little IAL spa time.
  18. Addie42 Well Known Member Member

    Yikes! You think it’s columnaris?
  19. Happy Mama Valued Member Member

    I’m not certain, but if so, the erythromycin should help.