What type of anubias?

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    Some of you may remember a thread earlier when I had asked about an unknown anubias I saw at a store, well, I finally bought it because I liked how it looked and it looks really nice in my aquarium at the moment. I had tried figuring it out for myself but unfortunetly failed because I got so confused, it was like trying to figure out if two nearly identical looking male endlers were pure or not lol. So I really need help from the experts, the plant is tied to a piece of wood and I'm trying my best to get it looking healthy again (it wasn't in the best shape when I got it). It's got long, thin leaves that're quite dark. So rather than me explaining it all, here's some pics of side and top view:

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    Thanks for the link. :) The problem is most of them look so similar to me lol. It kind of looks like congensis because it's stem is green unlike some others with similar leaves where the stem was kinda reddish brown? Doesn't really look like coffeefolia because the leaves are longer and lack the crinkly look, wish I had it though, very nice plant.

    Edit: May not be congensis because one of the lanceolata pictures shows that the stem is green too. :rolleyes:
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    Hi Mosaic,

    I get confused too especially if I do not have the plant right in front of me. :) I'm sure others will respond before long. :)


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    No worries. :) In the mean-time, I'll look at more pics. :)
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    Any ideas how big the plant will get eventually if it's congensis? The only problem I see with buying unknown anubias is the possibility of purchasing a plant that can eventually outgrow the tank. :)