What Type Of Angelfish Are These? Question


What type of angelfish are these?

  1. Idk what this is

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  2. Idk what this is either

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  3. Or this

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  4. And this aswell

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  1. We just got some young angelfish from a breeder and we got some marbles and im not sure if these are marbles too. 2017-07-09-17-13-58.jpg 2017-07-09-17-27-43.jpg 2017-07-09-17-29-06.jpg 2017-07-09-17-28-30.jpg
  2. Cory & the Catz Member Member

    the top one looks almost platinum, but they do all look like they may be marbles.
  3. Thanks for you help

    These are some of the other angelfish we got from the same batch but im quite confident that these are marbles. 2017-07-09-17-11-59.jpg 2017-07-09-17-26-25.jpg

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  4. Cory & the Catz Member Member

    Second posting are definitely marbles out of the first i think the top one looks like a platinum more thank marble but idk and bottom looks like a gold more than a marble, maybe they are crossbred/mixed? All i know about angels is research i did when wanted to buy one so im not the best source just calling what i see.
  5. They have some small black markings of the other side too


    The parents were both gold but the female had a few black dots on her
  6. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    Gold marble or just golds.

  7. Their father was a gold angelfish but their mother was a gold marble
  8. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    And I am saying you have hold marbles and just gold angels, the parents you listed prove that. The ones that look like just golds may develop sporting as they are and become more marbled looking.
  9. Thanks
  10. Mcasella Fishlore VIP Member

    You got some lovely fish no doubt about that, hopefully they grow prettier as they age/grow.
  11. After almost one month you can definitely tell that they're gold marbles.The gold shows a lot and they're fins are getting longer.
  12. If they're gold angels with just one small circle of black do they count as gold marbles or just gold?