What Type Is This Bristlenose Pleco? Question

  1. Lydididia Initiate Member

    Hi all,

    I went to the lfs looking for a normal bristlenose pleco, but was offered a 'red bnp' by the person working there. It has these little black marks on it so I'm unsure if it's calico markings or if there's something wrong with it? Picked up a week ago, water parameters are fine and it is eating and active. It is only around 4cm long or so. Picture below. There is a large black mark on the tail fin, a smaller one on the dorsal fin, and some little black speckles elsewhere.
  2. Rshore Member Member

    It could be the lighting but it doesn't quite look like what they are calling the SuperRed bristlenoses, but its nice and definitely unique looking bristlenose all the same and id suffice with that, but if you wanted to get down to the bread and butter of the matter id hypothesis that its a gold(lemon) bristlenose with some Calico and SuperRed genetics all muddled up together. Awesome looking fish friend you got all the same !

  3. Lydididia Initiate Member

    Excellent, so it's okay?! I was hoping the black bits weren't some sort of disease..
  4. Rshore Member Member

    No I dont believe you have anything to be concerned about.

  5. Lydididia Initiate Member

    Wonderful, thank you for your help :)
  6. Rshore Member Member

    Glad to be of service !