What type do I need ?


Im consideing using sand for my 29 gallon tank so I can get Cory Catfish for it.

Only thing is, I have nevrt used sand in a tank and I dont even know if I need to use a specific type of sand, I know I will haft to deal with cloudy water, but is cloudy water different with sand ? Plus, are some sands more benefical or somthing for tanks ?


There are lots of different types of sand to choose from. Pool filter sand is popular and cheap. Landscape suppliers often have river sand and quartz sand which can be bought cheap in bulk. Or you can buy a proprietary aquarium supply brand of sand like one from CaribSea. Just avoid aragonite or coral sands designed for marine tanks or African Cichlids which will raise pH and hardness. They will all require rinsing and their initial cloudiness will vary but I don’t find them different to gravels in that regard.


I've used two different brands of pool filter sand, and neither has needed rinsing. I understand that's not always the case.
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