what to stock it with? 10 Gallon Tank

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  1. raam96

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    hi my little brother is considering getting a 10 gallon aquarium. he really wants a betta but he is wondering if he could have 3-4 neon tetras and maybe 2 cories in the tank to. all opinions are welcome
  2. Prince Powder

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    IMO, a betta should not be mixed with other fish. Some people can sometimes make it work, but those instances are rare. Bettas are solitary fish and are better off when they are left alone. If you do decide to try mixing, it would be very wise to have another tank cycled and ready to move the betta into if things don't work out. A small species of gourami, like a honey gourami or sparkling gourami would be a better centerpiece fish for a community tank. Neons would do okay in a 10 gallon tank, but a school of cories would probably be better off in something like a 20 gallon. Pygmy corys are good for 10 gallon tanks though if your LFS has them.

    Here would be my stocking suggestions for a 10 gallon tank:
    1 Honey gourami
    5-7 neon tetras
    7-10 ghost shrimp


    Divide the tank as shown HERE and have one betta on each side of the divider.

    Whatever stock he decides on just make sure to cycle the tank first! Good luck!
  3. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    I would agree with not putting anything else in with a male betta. Especially in such a small tank.

    I like Prince Powder's suggestions for stocking. That would make a colorful and lively tank and would not be overcrowded. :party0049:
  4. OP

    raam96New MemberMember

    thanks. we might try the betta with em. i've had bettas in a community tank b4 and he was fine. i'll let him try it and see if all is well otherwise i can move the neons and cories in2 my tank til we can get another home for em. or maybe i'll tell him to get a female as they are more peaceful. i've heard of ppl having more then one female betta together. i guess as long as u have 3 or more they're fine together and that the start a little clan like tiger barbs. maybe we'll try that. i have a 10 gallon that i could empty really quick if needed. my turtle is in it but he can move to a 5 gallon bucket til we take care of it so i think when he gets the tank we'll have plenty of back up plans.
  5. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    I agree with the above posters and not try neons with a betta.
    Don't count on females being more peaceful.
    As well as being concerned for the neons safety, you need to consider that neons can also be nippy.
    Imo, I wouldn't put cories in a 10 either. They do better in groups, but can get rather big. I've a peppered cory whose pushing 3 1/2"

    Why not save yourself the trouble and get the neons and come pygmy cories.

    Please explain to your brother, it's not about what we want, it's whats best for the fish.
  6. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    Moving a turtle into a bucket is not necessarily part of a good back up plan. The turtle tank will not be cycled, as a spare running fish tank would be, and so you'd be in a worse situation.

    There is much debate as to female bettas co-existing, as well. I'm one of few who has done it successfully and that was in a larger tank with no other species. You're asking for trouble getting the male betta with the other fish you are suggesting. Respect with the fish needs and please don't do it.

    You mentioned your brother is young and that this is his first tank? You really should take the suggestions offered and introduce fishkeeping to your brother the easy way. Don't start him off with problems just by which fish you've chosen, against the advice you've received. It just isn't the best way to start.
  7. OP

    raam96New MemberMember

    k, maybe we'll just divide the tank for 2 bettas because he REALLY wants bettas. i think he'll understand.
  8. ppate1977

    ppate1977Well Known MemberMember

    Look at my 2nd tank profile. I guess I'm just lucky; my betta is very easy going (male crowntail) and I have a gold dust molly, salt & pepper platy, coral platy, rubber mini pleco, and albino lemon sword. No problems at all. My tank has 8+ live plants as well as driftwood and rock wall hiding spots.... I think that's why I have success, everyone has their own personal space.
  9. Craig-D

    Craig-DValued MemberMember

    It cracks me up that some continue to advise people not to put bettas in tanks with other fish, meanwhile the betta fish profile on this very site states what peaceful fish they are with the right tankmates. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but mine is based on current experience: with the right tankmates, bettas are fine (the right tankmates being no gouramis, fin nippers, or fish with big fins like guppies).
  10. jdhef

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    It really depends on the Betta's presonality. I had put my (now deceased) Betta in a tank with some Cory's and a couple weeks later I noticed all of my cories were missing tails. So I had to take him out.
  11. starflite

    starfliteNew MemberMember

    I've had a few bettas in the past, and I got lucky and had extremely easygoing males... one lived with a female betta quite happily, and the other ended up in a 5 gallon tank with 5 neon tetras, no problems there at all. Granted, I had no idea what I was doing (I was like 8) otherwise I wouldn't have tried, but I agree with the other posters in that it completely depends on your betta's personality.

    Maybe you could put your betta in a breeder box in the tank or something like that so you can watch how your betta reacts just looking at the other fish, but I guess there's really no way to know without risking the safety of all your other fish =/
  12. Elodea

    ElodeaWell Known MemberMember

    Bettas are like people: really, really, unique and visible personalities. I know some bettas that are very relaxed and could have just about any tankmate, others that flare madly at snails.
  13. ppate1977

    ppate1977Well Known MemberMember

    I totally agree with the individual betta's personality. Breeder box is a decent idea. Just make sure there are clearly marked off spaces for the fish and hiding places. My betta is buddies with all my fish, just not the ghost shrimp...lol. he can't catch them though.
  14. jersey

    jerseyValued MemberMember

    if you do try to mix bettas with other fish i would go for non brightly coloured ones as that is one of the first things that sets them off most times. the competing colours.i had a betta with harlequin rasboras once and they were fine for the most part the betta just chased them away sometimes but never any damage. so long as the betta is the last addition too so he hasnt set up any territories.
  15. Butterfly

    ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    As you can see different people have had varying degrees of success with mixing Betta's with other fish. We know there may or may not be problems but to prepare for them just in case.
    For me the important thing at this point is it's your brothers first tank. Lets don't set him up for possible failure by mixing fish that most likely won't get along. Let's set him up for success so he will be as hooked on fishkeeping as we are :) then when he is more experienced he can push the envelope with stocking if he wishes.
    One Betta in a nicely set up tank can be exciting an attractive to the eye. Two Betta's in a divided tank can also be exciting.
    Get neon's and pygmy Cory's as suggested
    OR 3-4 brightly colored Molly's, or Platys or swordtails.
    Look around at the LFS and make a list of what he likes besides Betta's. I have been captivated with rasbora lately and some of them are really small.
    There's so much out there :)
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  16. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    Let's all remember that this is a 10 gallon tank we're talking about here. :;thx