What to stock a 420 l (110 us gallon) tank with? Question

  1. Tian

    Tian Well Known Member Member

    Im a little bit in a flat spin. I misunderstood the lfs with a size of my tank. Heard it to be 2.8metre long and it turns out to be 1.8 metre long- so ive made a stand of 2.8 metre long and have 1 metre free of space now. So i dont realy want to change the stand setup so i'm thinking of adding another tank of 1metre X 60cm by 70cm deep which gives me 110 gallon on 10mm glass....

    Ive picked up 3 Boesemanies (the lady said them to be aggresive bud i dont see any aggression) sofar that i want to put in this tank.... Any suggestions what to add are welcome cause ive got no idea what to do with this tank!!!

    For my 1.8metre tank ive got the following in mind-
    3 Oscars
    2 Green Terrors
    2 Blood Parrots
    1 Pleco
    6 Balla sharks
    6 Silver dollars

    This tank will be 1.8metre x 60 x 70 deep
    Which gave me 756 litre (200 gallon aprox)

    The oscars, terrors and parrots i will be getting as babies which is apparently about 5cm now according to lfs.

    lfs word is that this stock will be okay in the 200 gallon, bud im not sure to trust this...
    Do you think this fish will get along?
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Imo you'd be quite overstocked & I'd be concerned about aggression especially from the oscars as I believe they grow quite quickly when young, I know someone whose 8" Oscar just the other day ate a 4" green terror!
  3. OP

    Tian Well Known Member Member

    Wow okay.... What about only the 2 or 3 oscars in the 110 gallon?

    and then 2 blood parrots, 2 green terrors, 3 boesemani's, pleco, silver dollars and bala's in the 200 gallon tank?

    I currently having 2 balas, 2 silver dollars, the 3 small boesemani's and the pleco that i'm gonna move to the 200... What can i then still add to have a balanced stocked tank?
  4. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    2 Oscars in the 110 would be okay. In the 200 the Balas, silver dollars, & rainbows would be ok in the 200, I think a common plec as well would be pushing it.
    Blood parrots & green terrors I only know about from reading & what friends have said about their aggression so I'll leave it to someone who keeps them to advise on those.
  5. OP

    Tian Well Known Member Member

    Okay.... Thank you for the replies!