What To Put With My Rainbow Shark - 55g Planted

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  1. Wilson43

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    I have a couple problems that I'm trying to solve here. Here is my current setup:
    Tank #1:
    30 Gal Freshwater Semi-Planted Tank
    2 Molly (Initially) - Male and Female (this has ballooned to over 40 molly fish fry taking over the tank)
    2 Pepper Cory
    1 Pleco (not sure the variety, but from Petsmart, so probably pretty basic)
    3 Guppy
    2 Hatchet
    1 Mystery Snail
    1 Rainbow Shark

    I do weekly water changes and the tank is very healthy (although obviously overstocked right now).

    Tank #2
    55 Gallon Semi-planted freshwater
    Currently cycling with food and just have to get the nitrites down (daily 50% water changes)

    So here are the problems:

    The first (obviously) is that my female Molly won't stop having babies and many of them are surviving to maturity, so the 30 gallon is overstocked. The plan is to split up the molly by sex and give away most (if not all) of the offspring. Petsmart won't take them, but I think Congressional Aquarium in Rockville, MD may take them.

    The second problem is the Rainbow shark. This guy harasses the mollies to no end and this was the main reason for getting the 55 gallon. I suspect it's because the 30 gallon just isn't big enough for him (or her, I have no idea) and there are just too many fish everywhere.

    I plan to move the rainbow in to the 55 gallon when the cycle stabilizes. So, I expect that tank will have the Rainbow Shark and the female molly for starters. I'd like to have a "feature" fish in with the Rainbow, but I'm not sure what my options are as far as compatibility. There isn't a lot out there on Rainbows for some reason, but the general rule seems to be to find a fish that is bigger than the rainbow and the rainbow will leave them alone (also tank size and hiding spots seem to play a role in the rainbow's personality). So, can anyone give any recommendations for stocking the 55 gallon with the Molly(s) and the Rainbow?
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    Petco should take them do you have one?

    If the molly still had offspring earlier she can still have more as she can carry sperm for a while and have even more babies.
    Can you get rid of her and get all males?
    Also, you could get 1 opaline gouramis I think you may need to do more research on if that's ok but it probably should work. You could also do certain barbs like gold barbs make sure all fish can defend themselves and aren't super small that they will be eaten.
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  3. Fish0n

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    The problems you mentioned are not the only ones. You may already know so I am sorry if you do because I know I'm not actually answering your question but here it goes.
    1. Pleco - unless it is a bristle nose it is most likely a common pleco which will out grow your tanks.
    2. Cory - these need to be kept in groups of ~8 or more and I believe a 30 is to small for those fish as they are so active
    3. Hatchet - these should also be kept in larger groups

    Until those issues are planned for or solved I would not advise getting more fish like the centerpiece fish that you mentioned.
  4. Anders247

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    Cories are fine in a 30g, that's not your problem. Their min tank size is a 20g. And yes, they need a group of 6+ of their own species, no mixing and matching types, and the hatchets as well.

    I'd do this in the 55g:
    1 blue gourami
    1 rainbow shark
    8 Australian rainbowfish
    5 porthole catfish
    1 convict cichlid
  5. OP

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    Not sure how I missed these replies. Thanks for the input. The Pleco is a bristlenose, so I think we're good there. I'll supplement the 30 with a few more corys and hatchet so those guys are happy. I like the combo that Anders suggested, so will look to see if they are available locally.