What To Plant Next?

  1. Oscarlover55

    Oscarlover55 New Member Member

    Was hoping for some suggestions for what to plant in the small gravel space on the right in attached photo.
    I have a 40 litre (10 gallon) aquastart 340 with 11 watt fluorescent tube lighting.
    Half gravel half sand substrate.
    I planted 2 amazon swords in the back left and a java fern is attached to driftwood.
    Also put some lilaeopsis in front left of tank.
    I am looking for a good foreground/midground plant for this space. As you can see driftwood runs over the top of the gravel.
    I have flourish root tabs already in the gravel.
    I will also be using flourish excel and comprehensive starting in about 2 weeks.
    Any suggestions ?

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  2. SeattleRoy

    SeattleRoy Well Known Member Member

    Hi @Oscarlover55 ,

    Cryptocorynes might look good in front of the driftwood, either C. wendtii 'Green' or C. wendtii 'Red'.

    You might check out Ludwigia sp. 'Red' or Ludwigia arcuata X Ludwigia repens which is easy to grow. Ceratopteris (Watersprite) either broad or narrow leaf would do well also. An alternative foreground plant might me Marsilea minuta.

    Ludwigia arcuata X L. repens (yellow/red plant center); Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Bronze' bottom center
  3. MD_Plants

    MD_Plants Well Known Member Member

    A good foreground plant would be Dwarf Sag. It spreads quickly and relatively easy to grow.
  4. OP

    Oscarlover55 New Member Member

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I like the look of the crypts.

    Funny you mention dwarf sag im going to put some in the midground ob the left
  5. MD_Plants

    MD_Plants Well Known Member Member

    A good background plant that I feel would look good in the back right would be ludwigia dark red. It gets a nice deep red and had bigger leaves that can fill out. Progration is super easy
  6. Ravynn

    Ravynn Valued Member Member

    I got a tissue culture of hydrocotyle tripartita japan and i have it growing in the front right hand corner of my tank. It's taken off really well. I have low light (lower than yours) and root tabs. I find you can manipulate it to make it look the way you want.

    I also think a crypt would look nice.