What To Fill Tank With?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by thelemonlime, Apr 19, 2017.

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    I have a planted 55-gallon freshwater tank with sand substrate. I have 2 Fluval 70s (upgrading to the newer versions soon) and all water parameters are acceptable. The water temp stays around 78-80.

    Now my question is I want a semi aggressive tank with color and movement, that also won't devour plants.

    Currently, in the tank, i have 1 gold and 1 blue gourami, 1 small clown and 1 yoyo loach, 1 killie flag fish, bristle nose pleco, a cory cat, and 4 cherry barbs.

    Any recommendations on what would fit in the tank?
  2. Fish tank

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    I would try some barbs they are semi aggressive and beautiful
  3. Kerina

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    The loaches, corries and barbs need bigger group of same specie.
    Different fish too consider: angels, smaller cichlids like rams, apistos, laetacaras, jewels. (disclamer: this is just list of fish to research, I am not experienced enough to make definite recommendations)
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    Personally, I like aggressive FLASHY fish. Not particularly colorful, just very flashy.
    I've stocked my tank with tiger barbs, black Ruby barbs, panda barbs, sterbai corydoras (most active corydora I've ever had), kuhli loaches, dwarf chain loaches, BN plecos, blue gouramis, and a very old Featherfin catfish.
    My barbs never really touched my blue gouramis and were terrified of my large blood parrot cichlids. I kept them in large schools though, anywhere from 6-26.
    Don't get blood parrots though unless you want decor-moving, plant-eating, fish-chasing jerks. I got some as rescues, MAN are they jerks. All the other fish seem very plant-safe in my experience. Even the tigers, they liked eating my fake plants way more than real ones.

    Get your Cory a few friends though, they like to keep together. My sterbais always felt safe and spread apart during the day, but they always came together to sleep. If I'm not mistaken, loaches like friends too.
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    I'd fix your current stocking before adding any more fish as you have some issues there.

    I'd rehome one of the gouramis because if they are both male, you may see aggression issues. If you have a clown loach, I'd rehome it as they need a group of at least 6 and would get too large for this tank size. Corys and yoyo loaches also need at least 6 of their own species though I don't know if it's a good idea to have both species in the tank together. I'd also up your school of barbs to at least 6 as well.