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Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by featherblue, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. featherblueWell Known MemberMember

    so im finally keeping fish that eat fish food, and im not sure i have everything i need. i got a small school each of diamondhead tetras and blue rasboras, what should i feed them? i didnt like the flakes too much and wanted some more informed imput before i made up my mind.
    what i have on hand: my shrimp have their repashy and hikari shrimp food, the ADFs are on thawed diet recommended by frogbreeder, my dwarf puffers get live blackworms and ramshorn snails and frozen blood worms, baron gets betta pellets. i also have nls small fish pellets for my kuhli loaches.
    i offered some pellets, but only takers were the tetras, but it may be the new tank. acclimated the rasboras to the cycled display tank and the tetras into my qt.
    what would be a good regular diet for the little schoolers? what can i give them as treats from my other food supplies?
  2. fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    I feed my fw bloodworms and they just love them as a treat I'm not sure maybe shrimp.
  3. featherblueWell Known MemberMember

    so on hand frozen i have: bloodworms, glassworms, tubiflex worms, mysis shrimp, and spirulina shrimp......ok as treats maybe twice a week?

    should the nls pellets i have work? or is a flake necessary for top dwellers like these?
  4. featherblueWell Known MemberMember

    How much should I feed 5-7 small tetras/rasboras at a time? Do they get full tummys like puffers or ADFs? Both schools seem to dig the NLS small fish pellets. Anything I should avoid offering these guys?
  5. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    what to feed

    All of my fish eat NLS pellets off the bottom.

    I would feed a small pinch

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