What to feed dwarf zebra Colombian pleco and how to make it come out of hiding more often?


I have a good sized dwarf zebra Colombian pleco who hides all day while my blue eyed lemon bn pleco is out and about (they share the same cave and don’t mind each other. I tried feeding catfish wafers and Algae wafers but he isn’t interested but my bn is. I then tried fresh ghost shrimp (dead) still no avail. Then I tried frozen bloodworms and still not really interested. I’m guessing he does come out at night but probably during the middle of the night. There is a driftwood in my tank for him to rasp on. Any tips or suggestions?


Honestly, I’ve had my Colombian zebra pleco over a year, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him actively eating. Maybe once? He clearly must be eating something though. He continues to be incredibly shy. I know where his resting spots are (which are visible), but at least during the day he’s never out and about in the open.

Can’t tell you for sure which foods he’s eating, but I feed my community tank a variety of frozen, pellets, shrimp pellets, plus some algae wafers and repashy (soilent green and bottom scratcher) - the repashy is the only thing my BN pleco goes nuts for. By contrast, I’ve pipetted food directly in the zebra pleco’s face, with basically no reaction.

In terms of food - they’re considered to be omnivores, leaning towards meatier foods. Could try dropping in some catfish wafers or a bit of frozen food overnight? Your other fish will presumably prevent it from sitting around too long.
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