What To Feed Baby Crays?

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    Hey guys this is my first post. I've gotten a lot of useful info on here already so I hope it continues. I have successfully mated an electric blue male with an all white female crayfish. The tiny lil babies are starting to roam free. They're all white now and I was curious if they'd get any blue color? The tank has a lot of pond snails I just let breed for free food in another tank. Will the baby crays eat all the snails and eggs or should I give them something specific. They are still tiny tiny and most still on the mother. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I also fed sinking algae wafers. They also ate all of the moss I put into the tank.
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    I just threw some Moss in from another tank. My crabs start to eat them and they fall apart, so one of those seems to be perfect.
    Any suggestions on fresh vegetables? I usually drop peeled zucchini in all my tanks from time to time. The plecos love it and some fish as well