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Hey there folks! I'm a senior in highschool and will be leaving for college in Hawaii in just a few months. I obviously will not be shipping my fish out with me and my family (as much as they enjoy my fish) are not interested in taking care of my tanks. As such I am looking for a solution. I have never dealt with something like this before and I would really like some help/advice.

I am looking to sell, probably for a low cost, but just enough to ensure that my fish will go to a good home, my fish, shrimp, plants, and possibly water if anyone is interested. It is an established tank about a year and a half old (55 gallons). I plan on having fish when I come back home so I am not looking to sell my tank, filter or decorations as I will use it again. I am wondering if this is even a viable thing to do? My local petstore just went out of business a few months ago and so what seemed to be the obvious situation is no longer.

I have tried seeing if family members or friends have any interest in my tank, but so far nothing. I live in a very rural, low populated area and so the opportunity to find someone interested is low. I live in extreme Northern California, just below the Oregon border. I was wondering if anyone who lives nearby would be interested in my setup? I have a lot of guppies, Rummy Nose Tetras, a neon tetra (his school has since died out), three cory cats, and about 7 cherry shrimp. I also have a single black mystery snail, an elephant snail, and a handful of nerite snails. I should also mention that I have a steady, but small amount of pest snails that I haven't eradicated simply because I don't really mind them. I apologize for my ignorance on the plants as I bought them just because I liked their look. I didn't take down their name and don't know what they are. I have a very growing, leafy green plant that is very attractive and a few long and slender plants with long oval shaped green leaves. I also have some hornwort and a marimo moss ball.

If anyone is interested please let me know and we can figure something out. If not does anyone have any advice on how to handle the situation? Someone who has gone through the same thing or something similar? Anything is appreciated! Thank you all so much!
If you're willing to ship, there are probably members here who would be interested in some of your inhabitants (e.g., cherry shrimp, nerites). Hopefully that's the case.

If a BSTF transaction with a Fishlore member is not an option, you might have to expand your re-homing efforts to a few of the larger (relatively speaking) cities within several hours, including Eureka (CA), Redding (CA) and Medford (OR), and possibly be willing to drive to those locations.

Some nursing homes, doctor's offices and restaurants have aquariums. If you can find a place with an established aquarium and you have compatible fish, you might ask if there is any interest in a donation. Businesses that have an established aquarium often have a maintenance contract with a LFS or other professional. So conduct an internet search for aquarium maintenance and pet stores in your part of the world, but expand the radius as far as you're (reasonably) willing to drive. Also search for and contact animal rescue organizations in the same area. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority will *not* accept fish. However, someone at one of those organizations might know of a person/group that does accept fish. Over the years I've found people working at animal rescue organizations know of others that rescue exotic/different animals (besides the usual dogs & cats). Same often holds true with veterinarians and their assistants (which you might also search for and contact).

Good luck.
PM me. I had a very similar situation and found a great solution in order to keep my tanks.
I am interested in your cherry shrimp.
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