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Newbie here, just joined. Yesterday I brought home three BanggaI cardinalfish. They seemed to get along okay, but before I went to bed two of them were obviously paired up and the other one isolated. This morning I noticed that the outcast had his dorsal and caudal fins noticibly shorter.
The only other inhabitants of this 90 gallon tank are two maroon clownfish. There is plenty of rock and places to hide.
Question: Do I need to get the outcast out immediately or try to let things sort themselves out?
Thanks for any help.
I do not know about these cardinalfish but please allow me to say welcome to FL!!
Have a good time, I'm sure someone will be on shorly to help you.
Hi, I'm also not familiar with these fish, but want to just welcome you to fishlore.
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Thank you. He's been sitting quietly in the back corner of the tank all day, so I don't think he's in imminent danger, but I don't know what the longer term holds.
get him a friend so that they can pair up then the others should leave them alone.

Congrats on the pair by the way.

Welcome To FL

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Best kept in pairs or singly don't do well with more then 1 male

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