What to do with babies

  1. MokAquariums Member Member

    Hi so recently I've moved my female guppies to a smaller tank because the males were too aggressive. Unfortunately they've unloaded. About 15-20 fry in the last week and many of them still look squared off. I'm wondering if it would be safe to quickly cycle a ten gallon to move the fry or if it would be a bad idea to move the fry at such a small size. They are about half a cm long and about 5 days old. I just don't want my tank to get overstocked and then crash.
  2. SabrinaBrook Well Known Member Member

    Hi Cory,
    I have had 3 lots of Guppy babies and moved them from the tank they were born in straight to a new tank within minutes hours of them being born. I have found Guppy babies are very tolerant like that. I also didn't loose any in the process. I make sure the tank has no gravel because the babies get wedged in there and die. I start them out with a air stone and then months later ive added the filter, they seem fine in this environment.

  3. Jim Well Known Member Member

    :;juggle:;juggleGuppies will have babies and the babies will have babies and.........Before you go much further think of what you are going to do with the 500 fish:;juggle
  4. MokAquariums Member Member

    I plan on giving away the fry once they are old enough! And thanks for the help! I will be setting up a ten gallon to raise fry in soon!

  5. SabrinaBrook Well Known Member Member

    Good luck Cory! :D