what to do with an aggressive fish ??

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Vince66, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Vince66Valued MemberMember

    Anyone ever have problems with aggressive fish ??? i have a jewel cichlid who is just a terror. I watch this fish for hours, he just cruises around the tank looking for trouble, or someone to chase or bother and he picks on one fish in particular and the fish is bigger than him but the silly fish is afraid of him. So i thought id make more rock caves in my aqarium so the poor fish can hide. So i bought more rocks and slate and made more hiding places but the jewel fish snoops everwhere looking for him. Is it possible that this fish will get stressed and get sick ? The jewel fish just seems to chase him around more than the other fish. I thought of getting rid of him but i cant bring myself to do it. I really like this fish.
  2. JDcichlidloverWell Known MemberMember

    If your planning an african cichlid tank caves definanly help but so does a lot of fish. I have a 55gal and probably have 17 to 20 cichlids in there. Many fish for your jewel to chase will lessen aggression because the bully can't focus on one. That's how to do an african tank. The biologist at wooster college has one set up like this too. So get some more yellow labs, more acai, and whatever other mbuna you have. If you can try to make it more female than male

    I have labs, johanni, zebra, acai. Variety helps a lil too. If they don't look the same they're less likely to go after them too.

    Yes, your jewel can stress your other one to death.
    Africans like their ph higher. 8-8.5 and tons of caves, at least two caves per fish. Changing the decor around every other month or so helps with aggression. So that way they have to reclaim territory. That's another reason why over stocking is good. They can't claim territory because there are so many. Its not mean to over stock them either. In the wild the mbunas live in large communities.

    Don't forget that mbunas are herbavours. Too much protein and they'll get malwai bloat. Very nasy disease.

    Hope I helped :) good luck
  3. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I get rid of fish that cause problems in my tank - for the greater good of the rest. Yes, a stressed fish will get sick - that's pretty much a guarantee.

    There are a number of reasons why this fish is behaving like that, both in and out of your control. Poor diet can lead to behavioral problems.
  4. Rejectedbread87Valued MemberMember

    I had a bad experience with a CAE . He'd attack everything in the tank so I took him back, now everything is much better, my fish are not as stressed out. jaysee is right about stress and disease. I lost a couple of mollies because I did not do my research. Noob mistake.

    Or this justifies getting another tank! :)

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