What to do with all my fish?

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So, I'm having a problem with my fish.
I have-
1 gallon with baby bettas
1.5 gallon as a conditioning tank
5 gallon with a CPO and 4 sparkling gourami's
5 gallon with male betta
10 gallon with 1 1/2 month old betta fry
10 gallon for day old betta fry once they start swimming more
10 gallon divided for three male bettas
10 gallon divided for three more male bettas
20 gallon long with 9 female bettas and 10 ghost shrimp
20 gallon long with 2 fancy goldfish*
20 gallon high with 2 week old goldfish fry*
100 gallon tank for goldfish that started leaking*
200 gallon pond with one Florida flag fish
1,400 gallon pond with Florida flag fish, platies, guppies, zebra danios, clown pleco and serpae tetra.

*indicates a problem
As you can tell, the problem lies with my goldfish. I bought Ham as an impulse buy and bought Cheese the next day. I had no intention of breeding, but they spawned and I now have 100 baby goldfish I don't have homes for. They don't even look like goldfish yet. The parents aren't in the 100 gallon because it has started leaking, which I am working on fixing once I find some acrylic bonder(thought I had some but I will probably have to get more) .
I want to turn the 100 into a betta grow out for the females. I have plans for a barracks for the males, just need some money to buy the stuff. I would also like to use the 20's as grow out's too, but since I have goldies in them I don't know what to do. Since the older baby bettas spawn is so small(around 30)they will do ok in the 10 for a while, but assuming I counted right, the new babies are going to need those 20's fast.
I was originally going to use the ponds for bettas, but the 1,400 is too deep, and the 200 is having a problem with unknown tannins due to the lack of netting(mom threw it away accidentally because I left it on the ground in a pile during a W/C and she thought it was trash). The flagfish is only temporary to keep ammonia in there for the cycle, he'll be going in the larger once I get it sorted out.
I was thinking of moving Ham and Cheese to the 200, as well as the babies once they look like goldfish. I'm ok with some casualties, I have no where to put 100 fancy goldfish.
I listed all my tanks so incase you guys saw a better way to sort things out.
Basically, what would you do? The leak was unexpected (obviously)and I though it would be fixed by now. Ham and Cheese aren't doing that well, even with daily water changes.
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From what I'm seeing, moving Ham and Cheese to the 200 would probably be the best bet, once the tannin problem is sorted out. Maybe once the babies are looking more like goldfish, move them to the 200 as well, or put some up for sale in order to help with the repair costs/building the barracks cost?
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That's what my plan is.
I did plan on selling them, but they won't be looking like goldfish for a little bit, they're in the transitioning stages right now, starting to get bigger bellies and their tails are growing in.

Moved them to the pond, they seem to like it It was supposed to be a betta grow out:/
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Yay! Now you won't have to worry about them as much (hopefully)
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Yup! I just need to get the babies a little bigger so I can move my bettas into it.
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At least I now understand how you can keep all the bettas you have, lol. Maybe see if any of your LFSs would give store credit for them?
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Yeah, I'm up to 18 adult bettas and around 150 fryO.O
Sadly, the only LFS here is saltwater only. Plus the goldie babies are only 3 weeks old tomorrow.

I'm hoping I can sell them to people locally.

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