Question What To Do With A Male Balloon Molly?


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Hello, so about 3 months ago, the balloon molly I bought from the pet store had babies. I kept one, and named it lil lemon. I recently put lemon into my big tank to get him out of his crib and around other fish, he has needed to come out of his crib for at least a month and I hate having him in there. Alas, when I put him around my females I did indeed find out he was male and it broke my heart. He is relentless to my female platys and my balloons, trying to mate with them constantly. I don't want to subject my babies to that, they seemed really stressed when he was around. Now I have this problem, what do I do with him? I have a 5 gal I could put him in, but that's not a long term option.

I am going to give it all my power to rehome him, but if I had to keep him what would be good tank mates for him? I can't find any good tank mates for male mollys, and he definitely doesn't seem very docile, as all the other fish in my tank were scared of him and even my RTS backed away when this little itty bitty molly came at him. I don't know what to do with him but he can't stay in a baby crib forever


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In my experience platties go well with mollies. Give a Mickey tail a try?

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