What to do with a bully

  1. Mattfinn Member Member

    So my two female rams have been doing good. Have been anyway....noticed in the last week that they were flaring up and ramming each other (They're same size pretty much) really showin their colours which yeah I assumed was them establishing who's boss seeing as they're getting to about 5 months old. Anyway one of has prevailed and now the other one has lost almost all it's color. There are plenty of hiding spots too but I'm just worried about my ram I haven't been able to make an exchange yet for a male at my lfs but I'm considering other options now. What else can I do to make my other ram happy an bring back her colours she is very docile and swims around with my barbs. Could I possibly move her to my 10g with the three platys in there. I have a very good filtration system there and there is some wisteria and anarchis in there with java fern and Anubias which hew up the nutrients and ammonia.

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Rearrange the tank to break up eyelines & add extra plants so they have more hiding places until you can do the swap

  3. Mattfinn Member Member

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1405067322.954775.jpg ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1405067398.519881.jpg ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1405067499.457018.jpg
    What do you suggest I could add In there. I'm rather proud of my first planted tank. Wanting to change the rotala for giant baby tears. What do you suggest I could change?

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  4. Mattfinn Member Member

    Do you think maybe some java fern on the log. Or pulling out the wisteria for a amazon sword. Wanting to grab some Elodea from my local river and prep it to be left floating in my tank.

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  5. Mattfinn Member Member

    Woooooooo awesome news! Came home the other day and went to the tank and bam! My rams are friendly with each other. They've both colored up and aren't showing any signs of stress. ICH that I had has gone still treating though. They seem very happy I've monitored them since like a hawk and they're swimming together and grooving around they even dug what I assume is a nest (really got to get these girls a man) right in the middle of my just starting to spread chain sword carpet. wasn't happy but I'll let them have the victory. *waves white flag*

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  6. Lyfeoffishing Well Known Member Member

    The lesser dominate one probably came to realize her place in the tank. How big is that tank btw? Also if you get a male get rid of a female as if they do form a M/F pair they will likely torment the other female.

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  7. Mattfinn Member Member

    Yeah it's all good. Haha

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