What to do for possibly dying guppies

  1. lfabb

    lfabb Valued Member Member

    Had a cycled 5 gal tank. Lost 2 guppies to jumping suicide. Upgraded to 20 gal tank today (yes I know not supposed to cycle with live fish but I had no choice). Moved filter media, substrate and plants into new tank. I only have 3 guppies in the 20 gal tank and from my understanding since the 5 gal was cycled and supporting their bio load using the old media and stuff should do the same? Just did a water test (API liquid) and I'm getting 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and ~5-10 nitrate. Guppies are swimming although a bit stressed (glass surfing) they are also eating. My one yellow guppy has lost all color on the top of his body. He is so transparent at the top when I look down I can see his lungs. So is there anything I can do? Because they're swimming, eating and water parameters are ok I'm not sure what to do! I know it's a guppy but I really don't want to lose him/them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. P

    Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    It sounds like you did everything right, and you still have your cycle so thats good.
    Your guppy is probably just stressing the new change. A 20g is much larger than a 5g.
    Do you have plenty of plants and decor? Live plants will help them feel more secure with their surroundings, give places to hide, and also help eat up nitrates!
    If you have plenty of plants, and the water is as you tested, I wouldn't worry too much. Turn off the lights and it should calm him down
  3. BellatheBetta

    BellatheBetta Valued Member Member

    Putting the old filter media in was a very good idea. It means that the cycle will still be there unless you have added to the bioload (new fish). The guppies are probably just getting used to their new surrounding so may be a bit stressed at first. Give them a few days to settle in first and then if there are still problems, ask again. :)