what to do about an Evil Zebra Danio and the tetras he tramatized...


We recently got a 20 gal. tank and started things off with 3 zebra danios. Everything was fine except that the largest of the 3 chased the smaller 2 with increased aggression after a couple of days. We read that danios chase eachother but this seemed a bit extreeme. But no fins or tails had chunks missing so we figured everything was ok.

Last night we added 5 neon tetra to the group and the large danio (aka jerkface) lost it and did some pretty bad dammage to the tails of 3 tetra. So we grabbed him out with the net, put him in the bag the tetra came in along with tank water and clipped it open intside the tank so the water would stay the same temp and he wouldn't die or anything.

But now we don't know what to do with him. He has seemed to calm down finally and isn't throwing himself against the bag every time other fish get near as if he was trying to chase them. But we don't trust him to go back into the general population. ( does time-out work on fish? )The other 2 danios actually seem happier that he isn't really around, but the tetra don't do much. We aren't sure if they are tramatized or what.

We don't know what to do with the jerky danio. I don't want to flush him or anything, that's just not right. But I don't want to risk our other fish either. and we can't just leave him isolated in the bag that's not right either. I suppose we could try to take him back to the pet store.

If someone could please throw a little advise our way it would be greatly appreciated.


I have read that if you get more than say 6 danios to make a proper school they will be better behaived because the pecking order is distributed better.
However if you don't want to chance it I think you should take them back to the store and trade for more neons perhaps or harlequin rasbora are a peaceful top dwelling fav. of mine..
Good Luck sorry about the bully


Zebra Danios are shoaling (or schooling) fish and maybe he'll stop being aggressive if you get at least 3 more Zebra Danios. You should also provide a lot of hiding spots in your tank - this decreases aggression as well. Besides, the tetras will have somewhere to hide.
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Ok, I went back down to the store and got 2 more Danios. These ones are even bigger than the aggressive one. After acclimating the new ones, they are all in the tank together. They haven't been in very long, but so far, the Zebra's are swimming all around the tank, while the Neon's are relaxing in their group. The Neon's seem to just omve about the tank very slowly, but perhaps they are adjusting still. After all, it has been a tough day for them.

Now I just have to keep the water quality up. I really didn't intend to add so many fish so quickly, but I'll be doing liquid tests on the wather daily and changing it as often as is necessary. I hope this all works out, and thanks for the advice.

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