What to add to a 29

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Jaysee, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I just transfered the fish from my 20H to a 29. There are cherry barbs, a gw killi and a blue crayfish.

    I figured on just getting more barbs, but....
  2. A

    AlexW New Member Member

    I'd just add more cherry barbs, maybe mix albinos and normals for a bit of variation. I wouldn't trust the killi to be nice to any surface dweller you added, and wouldn't risk any bottom dweller with the cray...
  3. OP

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Exactly. I was thinking about a small rainbow maybe....other than dwarf neon rainbows.

    I'll probably just get more barbs and maybe a male for my female killi.
  4. Nutter

    Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    Rainbows work well with Cherry Barbs. I've got Splendida in with my Cherrys & they get along great. Perhaps a McCulloch's or a Forktailed Rainbow would be the go.
  5. OP

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I like the forktails - they'll go well with my color scheme too.

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