What The Infusoria?? Question

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Guppygirl88, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Guppygirl88

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    Has anyone read the DIY on growing Infusoria to feed your fry?? Is this safe? I mean it sounds like filth which means it could be a good idea? Has anyone ever tried this? Would baby angels eat this?
  2. MrBryan723

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    I haven't read anything in particular about a DIY but it is basically filth from your tank that you culture. And yes baby Angel's and most other fry will eat it. Once you start a culture you can use a baster to suck up some of the sludge and drop it around where the fry are gathered and they will pick the infusoria out of it.
  3. OP

    Guppygirl88Valued MemberMember

    Yes but how do you tell the good filth from the bad ?
  4. jjohnwm

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    Back in the bad old days, infusoria were cultured using hay, lawn clippings...you name it. If you want them to feed your fry...then they're good. If you don't want them...they are bad!

    Green water was also considered a source of first food for small egg layer fry. It's just a culture of free-floating algae and is always chock full of other microscopic life. And when folks were desperate for some micro food, the yolk of a hardboiled egg could be placed into a fine mesh material like nylon stockings and squeezed underwater, which forces a cloud of yolk particles through the mesh into the water.

    Any of these foods are inconvenient and very difficult to determine how much food is present and how much is eaten. Frequent and large water changes are essential.

    Whoa! Did you hear that? The distinctive sound of new-age aquarists' eyes glazing over at the thought of changing water...:)
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    I've always found Gamer's Wife to be very entertaining...
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    It depends on what's going on, I don't "clean" my tank, I just siphon off water and add new water on occasion in order to have a strong amount on micro and macro critters in my tank at all times.