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    This keeps rapidly coming back on my aquarium glass even after Ickean the aquarium glass off: tiny white dandelion type of fluff that gently flows with the water current, so pretty sure it’s NOT hydra. They’re about 1 mm in lenghh, and look like super tiny white palm trees. Is this from my Eco Complete substrate’s heterotrophic bacteria? Or from a “normal” bacterial bloom? Or perhaps a calcium build up? My town’s water calcium level is at an average of 36 ppm.

    Or perhaps some type of fungus? Never seen these things before. Also, my tank just completed my fish-in cycle yesterday or so. (ammonia: .00, nitrites .00, nitrates: 10.) My fish also act like if there's ammonia or nitrite/bad stuff in the water as well. They're not very active and don't seem very well right now...guessing it's from bacteria, or bacteria form my substrate, or perhaps some bad bacteria...this is beyond me. : ( I also need to clean my gravel soon, although it's only been about 3 weeks and needed to not disturb the BB until the cycle was complete...HELP PLEASE.

    Is this some sort of algae???

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    Not sure wjat its is but it looks alot like hydra. Have you tried touching a single one with something and seeing if it retracts
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    No, they're not hydra, because hydra only have 4 appendages, these have 10-12 appendages and are NOT moving. They;re just sticking to the glass. I found out that they're called Dinobryons, small fungi that grow on the glass. Seachem makes a remedy that i just bought about a half an hour ago called, Sulfaplex, which is an anit-fungal outbreak medicine. See if it works within the next few days...