What The Heck Does My Fish Have?(see Pictures Inside)


Bought 3 fantail goldfish 2-3 months ago from the petshop. ( they are about 1-2inch max)
Put them in a new tank that I instantly cycled using some filtration from my other tank.
NO AMONIA PIKE WHATSOEVER been testing the water regulary.
The highest nitrate I got was 40ppm and did a water change immediately to always have it max around 20-30.

2 weeks after having them in the tank I felt in love with an super small oranda from another fish store which I had with them. I acclimate it for about 45 min with adding small dose of water from the aquarium into is bag straight away after putting him in the tank he was standing vertically hiding behind the plants almost looking dead. Swim bladder seems kinda normal for those kind of fish so I didnt worry much.

2-3 days after that, all the fish got ich which I cure with salt and high temperature for about 2 weeks. Problem solve everyone seems fine even the little Oranda was acting pretty normal with still having the tendacy to float a lot.

3-4 days after that I notice black line in the fins of the gold one. Didnt think much about it first. Next day it got worst and black on his mouth too. Then is fins start to become more and more black. At some point I notice him a lot on the bottom of the tank hiding which was really not normal for him. Decided, to put him in an hospital tank. I though it might be a parasote. Prime the water and put Prazipro. Couple minute after that he was already better swimming around. But the patch keep growing and growing. Now some small dots appear and big smudge grey/brown/black but not raise at all. Not even looking like fingus more like hemmoragic spot. Decided to stop Prazipro.

Look into the internet and everything seems to point out towards teh symptoms of hemorragic septicimia. Bought Furan-2 did a whole treatment + soak his food with it. No improvement. Read online found out I need to mix that with Kanaplex so the medication get into the fish body. Did that for the past week the black spots keep multiplying all over and strike now all over is fins. I also add salt in the tank and do mythylene bath with salt 1-2 times a day.

The fish is eating, quite active, sometime breathing at the surface but nothing that seems too intense imo.

I saw one of the other fish with is tricolor(Black, white, orange) some of the black pacth and strike on is fins start to growht and I found him pretty erratic in the main tank so I swim him over the hospital tank with the gold one.

Around the same time the little oranda seems to float more and more and found him one morning upside down in the plant but alive. Put him in a 1/2 gallon plastic tub in the aquarium to keep the same temperature and took water from the tank add mythylene blue, epsom salt to reduce the bloating and added furan-2 and Kanaplex. I was pretty sure he actually add a internal infection of is swim bladder. He died 2 days after that. When I took him dead I notice some mettalic shimmer under is chin. Normal metallic color? Velvet? (see picture bellow)

Yesterday, Ive decided to remove all the medication in the hospital tank. The 2 fish in are still active. Just fed them and they ate everything.But still the little gold one is getting more black patches.

So here I am with my flash light trying to see if the disease in my tank is actually velvet? with all the light closed my phone flashlight and litteraly my face at 1 cm of the glass, I do see gold ultra small gold/methalic dots mainly on the tricolor one but also feel like it could simply be theyre natural metalic sheen. Did I misunderstand Ich for Velvet? and treating with salt and temp help getting rid of the dots but the parasite still in my water? Velvet suppose to kill very fast, right? which my fish are now like that for at laest 3-4 weeks.

OH important fact: I return to the petshop where I bought the fantail and realize in the tank with the remaining fantail some of them also have the black strike on theyre fins, some of them have even fin rots and some seems to have some kind of mouth fungus. The girl there didnt know a thing about fish she had no idea and just thought all the black was just normal coloration.

Columnaris? Velvet? Aeromonas?
I read about every thread I could possibily find online, even scientific study on salmon and tilapia lol
I spend undread of dollars in medication (I'm in canada need to order express from amazon $$$)

Medication I have on hand at my house:
-Aquarium Salt
-Epsom salt
- Fungus Cure
- Acriflavine
- Cupramine
-Methylene blue (1%)

The 2 sick fantail are in a 5G hospital tank with air stones and I watch the water almost daily. And with Furan/kanaplez I was doing 25% water change every 48hours.

I was about to give a try to Cupramine and see. Apparently Velvet is not always visible to the eyes.
Did you guys have ever see something like that? What do you think? Right now I just want to make sure my other goldfish tank set up for 1-2years now, don't get the same disease. And if they do I want to be able to cure them. Cross contamination could have been possible with me at the beginning not knowing the fish was sick and using some of the same tools on both tank... (learning from my mistake now every tank have is own tools!)

see picture bellow to see the gold fish black patches growth, the oranda mettalic spots under his chin, and the tricolor fish.



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Oodinium / Velvet, does kill fast and copper based meds are the most effective in treating it. I really think the problem is " "Black Smudge". Goldfish in particular display this symptom when something is either out of balance in the environment
Or their bodies. Be sure to research Black Smudge.


Oodinium / Velvet, does kill fast and copper based meds are the most effective in treating it. I really think the problem is " "Black Smudge". Goldfish in particular display this symptom when something is either out of balance in the environment
Or their bodies. Be sure to research Black Smudge.

Thanks. In the past 3 weeks, Ive already read pretty much every article and thread about black smudge. Everyone, give the easy answer of ammonia burn, which as I said my tank ive NO ammonia whatsoever.

Also the orange fish have been in hospital tank for 3 weeks now with perfect water condition. Still the condition get worst and worst. There's no cycle in there because Furan would kill any cycle anyway. I check the water daily + water change with all the precaution I'm taking, I didnt even have the chance to see any ammonia rise there.

Also just tcheck on my two big goldfish in my other tank(I have them for 2 years now and never had a issue with them). 3 tiny metalic dots appear on one side and 2 on the other of my black more. Those metallic dots are harder to see on my Oranda because of is already metallic scale but I do see some random small metallic dots on him too. Its not gold but more like silverish/green. when I got my new fish I did use tools in my new tank and then use in my other tank. Velvet?

What if I mis-diagnosed Ich but it was in fact velvet? Would it be possible I cure some and reduce the amoubt of them with high temp + high dose of salt + water change but the parasite never die? and what I see now is my fish trying to heal from the infestation under his skin?

I prime my water yesterday with Prime its not recommended to add Copper after prime as it change the copper molecule for something more dangerous. Seachem recommend to wait 48h before adding cupramine after treating water...

The dots on my black moore are going to be pretty impossible to picture but I will try.

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