What The Heck Do I Do Now?

  1. 2211Nighthawk

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    im going for it! I have a female red claw crack that I’m gonna start moving over to brackish water. I’m using bottled water cause invertebrates can’t live in my tap water and that’s about where I am. I now have a second hand Red Sea refractometer and Friday at shopping time I’m picking up marine salt. It’s about 5g of water. Now what?

    What salinity do I want to hit, how long to hit it? And how do I increase it?
  2. TurtleManBob

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    I had Red Claw Crabs before, and they did fine in freshwater, though, it is much better for them to live in brackish water.
    As for salinity, you’ll want it to be at 1.005, don’t let salinity swing because that’ll be stressful to the crab. To increase salinity, mix freshwater with marine salt in a separate container and pour it into the tank. To decrease salinity, remove water from the tank and pour in freshwater. To keep salinity stable, make sure the water you’re adding to the tank should have the same salinity as the one in the aquarium.
    I don’t use bottled water for aquarium, instead I leave a 5 gallon buckets of tap water overnight before using it; I also add Seachem’s Prime to tap water before leaving them overnight. Good luck
  3. aussieJJDude

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    I mostly agree, except for these two things. I would suggest a salinity somewhere between 1.005 - 1.018 as a good salinity.
    As for stable salinity, your mostly correct except issues can arise if you use that method for evaporation.... if replacing evaporated water, use freshwater since salt does not evaporate....
  4. OP

    2211Nighthawk Fishlore VIP Member

    Awsome. Do you know how much I should increase it by?