What Temperature For Aquarium-raised Betta?


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I used to have a betta book that was more technical than the average betta-as-pet book, and it said bettas are biologically okay in 70-90°F water (meaning basically that their respiration and metabolism are okay in that range) and that their preference within that range is based on the water temperature that they were in as fry. That got me wondering if the typical advice about keeping betta in 78-82°F water, because that's supposedly the temperature that wild betta live in, is applicable to aquarium-raised betta. After all, I see betta in unheated cups in the various LFS in my area, and they don't show any signs of the water being too cold for them.

What has your experience been with your betta? What temperature is your betta's water? Mine is 77°F.


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I have 2 Bettas in 80F and they both do well although my guy in my 8.8 is a bit older so he hangs around the plants and eats n goes back to his relax area.


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I know from experience they don't like cold or cool water. As a kid, I never gave them heaters and they were always sluggish and didn't move much.

I recently looked up the high temps of where bettas are commonly raised and found and as you hinted at, the temperatures are fairly regularly in the 80s up to 90s, and when you consider that water is generally a few degrees cooler than air...
Betta breeders in Thailand, etc. usually breed bettas outside, I take that in consideration when thinking about betta temps.

My male and female betta tanks are at 84 degrees with heaters. My baby betta doesn't have a heater and due to the tub location in a corner, is often in cooler water of about 74, but it depends on time of day because the sun sets on my little room. Right now, at 5pm, the water is 77-78. Because temperatures fluctuate throughout the day in nature, I don't worry about this in my own apartment because they're stable and predictable fluctuations. If someone was constantly messing with the AC or air temp or the tank is near some sort of draft or heat source like an oven, I'd be concerned about rapid changes.

I believe anything below 70 is definitely detrimental to bettas. They can often tolerate it and survive depending on how low it is, but they do suffer and slow. Likewise, I personally wouldn't keep my bettas in water above about 85. I did try adding a heater to my baby betta's tub but it got up to 87 and although he seemed fine, I wasn't comfortable with it. And one time my male betta's tank for some reason got up to like 92 degrees and he didn't seem affected, but I worry about long-term affects, so I lowered his heater setting.
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