What Tempature is good for bettas

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I have my betta's tank at 84*. I turned it down to 82*. I have 6 cories in there.

What Tempature is good for bettas and and cories?
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Hey andy...unless you have ich, 82 is too high also....my betta boy seems to like it about 76 and does very well in that...I'm sure others will have help as well ...but 82 is too much ...slowly drop it at least a few degrees
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80 is the perfect temp for betta.
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I keep all my bettas at 80, and they're very healthy and happy.

What kind of corys do you have? Some of them are not tolerant of water that warm.
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Swartz and Skunks cories. They all seem fine.
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My heaters are set for 79 they seem to control about 77-79 sometimes it drops a bit lower but we just increased the tank size from 10 to 20 so maybe that'll help to stabalize.
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In an article I read in Tropical Fish Magazine there was a mention that Betta seem to age faster when in water that is higher than 80 degrees although it is necessary for them to be in temperatures higher than that to treat Ich if they contract it. The ideal range is actually quite narrow for them. If they go below 78 by too much they are at risk for the "cool water diseases" like Ich, Velvet, and more prone to have finrot and become constipated as it does slow down their metabolism and makes it harder to digest their food. So the ideal range for betta is only in the range of 78 to 80 degrees. I keep my betta between 79 and 80 or at the most 80.5 on the digital thermometers on their tanks unless they are being medicated for some reason or they have a problem with constipation in which case the temperature goes up for one day to 82 to raise their metabolism and then slowly back down. If they get Ich they need to go to 82 at least for a full 14 days with no lessening of the temperature to cure them of the parasite but then the temperature needs to go down to the regular tank level of 78 to 80 immediately after the 14 days is over.

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72-80 degrees would be perfect. Or I just keep them at room temperature which is about 73 degrees.
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thanks every one for the advice. I will bring it down to 80* day.
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Different types of cory cats have different temperature requirements. Even though yours seemed to be doing fine at 82 and even 84 degrees, 80 is most likely too warm for their optimal health.

I suggest you check planet catfish to find the maximum temperature for your corys. If it's 78, your betta will be fine. As you've seen in this thread, some people have had success with bettas at lower temps, but I personally wouldn't go much lower for a betta.

The site is very comprehensive but difficult to navigate, especially if you start at the home page. Here's another starting point that might help you:

You'll need to find out the scientific names of your cories if you don't know them already.

Good luck. I hope they are one of the more heat-tolerant varieties -- 78 or 78.8 might be the upper range.
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Sorry, Fish King, but 72 to 77 degrees is asking for trouble (Ich, Velvet, Finrot, and constipation due to lowered metabolism.) It is just not warm enough to keep them healthy. I realize there have been some who have kept them this way but who knows how long they would survive in better conditions and even if they do not die of any of the diseases listed above, the constipation issue is major.

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We try to keep every betta tank at 78-80F. Like Rose said, lower opens them up to more disease and higher can actually shorten their lifespan. Corys should be happy at this temp, especially if you have a bubble wand in the tank.
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I have kept bettas for a long time, but I never got a heater. Just set it to about 78 degrees and he's loving it so much, just swimming in circles around it.
I believe 75-85 is a good temperature?
What do you have?
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I'm between 76 and 78 degrees with my automatic on/off heater. It's preset.
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Ok, thanks!
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78-80 is the most common range I have found.
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Mine hovers between like 77-80F. Mostly stays at 79F.
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Oliver T.
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80F for my breeding pair
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Mine are 81F for splendens, 75F for albimarginata
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I like 78-82 degrees, I usually stay at 80
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80F. I find my betta is more active than when it was 78F.
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The male Veiltail is at 80° in his own tank, the female is at 76°-77° in the Community tank.
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Mine is staying at 78 and he seems happy. Constantly swimming and eating good. I just got him last week at PetSmart. He is a twin tail halfmoon. Great personality.

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