What Tank Size Is Suitable For These Fishes

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by alvinkoh, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. alvinkohValued MemberMember

    Hi guys,

    Am getting a new tank and intending to keep kohaku swordtails and orange mollies.

    Am thinking of getting 3-4 of each type..

    Do these fishes grow big?

    What tank size should i get?


  2. AJEFishlore VIPMember

    At least a 30g

  3. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    Most standard Molly's grow to 3-4 inches in length. Sailfin Molly's can get up to 6 inches long. Swordtails grow to 6 inches.
    A 29 gallon tank would be the minimum size for that number of those fish if you only get all males or all females. If you get males and females a 29 gallon tank will become overcrowded very quickly. A 55 gallon tank would be okay if you get both sexes and can rehome the babies when the tank becomes overcrowded.
    Before you put any fish in a new tank, please fully cycle your tank. You'll save yourself a lot of grief, a lot of fish, and save even more $$$! There are Members here that can help you through doing a fishless cycle that is inexpensive and relatively fast. NOTE: Despite what fish store employees and product labels may tell you, no brand new virgin fish tank can cycle in less than 2 weeks. Most take 4 to 6 weeks to cycle adequately for full stocking.

  4. alvinkohValued MemberMember

    By the way what are those bright orange color fishes? They look like platy or mollies??

  5. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    It looks like both tanks have a mixture of swords and Molly's to me. There may be a couple of platys thrown in too. Hard to tell what species tho in the bottom tank. With all their fins clamped like that!
  6. CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

    Top pic, the orange ones are Swords (edit... they’re mollies), the red wag ones are platies, and there’s a few black Swords and black Mollies.

    Bottom pic, all Swords, with a few guppies.
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  7. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    Ha! I totally missed the guppys! Was just looking at orange fish!

    Looks like there might be a stubby cherry platy or two in the bottom tank as well or maybe the angle. That pink lighting kind of makes it difficult to distinguish...
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  8. DonthemonValued MemberMember

  9. CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

    Correction, I meant to say the orange ones in the first pic are Mollies.

    Agreed, at least a 55 for Swordtails. I’ve had 6” Swords, they’re huge (and they dropped 500 fry every month).
    I wouldn’t buy any if they’ve all got their fins clamped though...
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  10. jjohnwmWell Known MemberMember

    Agreed, that tank in the second pic is not one I would be looking at if I wanted to buy some fish. Looks dreadful.
  11. Magicpenny75Valued MemberMember

    Well I learned a thing today. I've never kept either species, but I really had no idea that mollies or platys could get that big!! Sorry for off topic but WOW. A 6" molly would be pretty impressive! :)
  12. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    Molly's only can get to 4 inches. Swords can get up to 6 inches. Most big Molly's top out at around 3" in a suitably large tank.
  13. alvinkohValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the answers guys! Yeah most LFS squeeze all these fishes in a small tank for sales. And i have got the urge to save them all but powerless hahaha