What stocking rule do you go by?

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by lbonini1, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. lbonini1

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    Hi there fishlorians! I have a question, what stocking rule do you go by for:

    Commons/Comets/Single-Tailed Varieties.

    Fancies/Double-Tailed Varieties.

    I go by the 20 gallons for the first fancy and 10 for each additional and for single-tails I go by 40 gallons per fish and say they prefer Ponds.

    *This is for Aquariums technically but since Single-Tails are Pond fish you can include those in.*
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  2. Rivieraneo

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    Is this for aquarium or pond stocking,
  3. Nympxzie

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    I don't know much about ponds, but for aquariums i say fancies need 20 for the first fish and an additional 10 for every fancy after.
    I don't know anything about ponds so I can't say anything about single tailed varieties.
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    Aquariums, 10g per inch for single tails, but every situation is unique. If one can tend to their fish daily, then this can change, if one does tank maintenance weekly, then I would go with the above rule.