What size tank?

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    Msdisastermaster New Member Member

    Hi, sorry for the bother :)
    I'm recently a new tank owner, just a few months with a smaller tank.
    I'm upgrading to a bigger tank from craigslist. The seller said that it is "about 35 gallons." S/he sent me the dimensions. What they said was: 24"w 16"d 48"h
    The set includes a stand, so does the height normally include it too? And is w x d x h the same as l x w x h (in that order?) And, last question I promise, does this actually sound like a 35 gallon tank, and high or long? Because I know 35 gal isn't common. Thanks so much and sorry again :)
  2. kimberlyKeidron

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    I'd ask how tall the tank specifically is, bc I've never seen a 4ft tall 35g tank.
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    Msdisastermaster New Member Member

    That's what I was thinking lol
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    Seems like a 75gallon tank