What Size Is This Tank?

  1. MongooseALaMode

    MongooseALaMode Well Known Member Member

    I recently found a 36x17x12 tank on craigslist. How many gallons is this? Is it 30? Its almost a 29g like I have but longer and a bit shorter.

    Also, its labeled a reptile tank, has a mesh top(I assume) and the person is selling for $20!
  2. KinsKicks

    KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member


    For tanks, do LxWxH and divide by 231 to get the gallons.

    Soooo...31.79g, but I always round down, so 30 gallons :)

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. S

    Stephen Hiatt Well Known Member Member

    Standard 30 gallon is 36x12x16, which is most likely what you have.