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    I have a 125gal saltwater tank with a 20gal sump.I want to put a heater in the sump.What wattage would I need and what is a good brand
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    i have a inline heater on my 125g tank hooked to a canister filter and it keeps the temp steady. i should mention my room is pretty warm so if this is for a cold room you might want to get two heaters.if it is cold id get the biggest inline heater and a 200w aqueon. but if you dont like the idea of the inline one get two of the 200w aqueons.

    this is the inline heater, all i have on my 125g.

    this is the best normal heater i have ever used and have them on almost all my other tanks.
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    3-4W per gallon is the guide I work to.

    145G x 3 = 450W or there abouts. I'd go for 2 x 250W (total 500W)

    I like Eheim Jagers. They're more efficient than others of equivalent wattage, and can be (re)calibrated quite easily. Only downside, they're very long, so one needs to ensure it will fit in their sump ;)


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    I live in SW florida so it only gets cold maybe a few months and its only at night