What Size Air Pump And Sponge Filters?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by beau, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. beau

    beau Well Known Member Member

    What size air pump and filters should I be looking at for a 20gal long? I'd like one filter on either end of the tank I think... I currently have two AC20's in that setup. Unless a single one would be sufficient or better? The pump I'm looking at on Amazon (Active Air Hydrofarm) runs 15LPM which is 240 gal per hour. Would this be enough?

    Also I'm looking to replace the AC20's because I have to baffle them for the fish in the tank, and it has made the water essentially stagnant. Sponge filters should increase oxygenation and surface movement without creating strong flow in the tank, correct?

    Oh, and last thing - how do you seed a sponge filter with media from a HOB?

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    What kind of fish will you have in this tank?

    I would do two sponge filters, rather than one.

    The rating for air pumps is different than for other filters. What I look for in an air pump would be the ability to pump sufficient air into the tank, taking into account the depth of the tank (the deeper the tank, the more a pump will have to work) and the number of sponge filters. For a 20 gal long, I think you'd be fine with a pump rated for a 20 gal tank. As an example, I have one rated for a 40 gal on my 29 gal with two sponge filters attached.

    Yes, sponge filters provide aeration and surface agitation without much flow. They create very little flow in the tank.

    To seed a sponge filter, you'd need to run it in your cycled tank for a few weeks. Instead of a sponge filter, you could look into a corner filter, which would allow you to put your current media in it for an instant cycle.

    Amazon.com : Jardin Aquarium Efficient Economy Corner in Tank Filters : Pet Supplies
  3. ashenwelt

    ashenwelt Well Known Member Member

    For seeding I would either tie the old media to the sponge or if you get a sponge with a media slot, just add the bio media to the slot. Best transfer either way.
  4. ashenwelt

    ashenwelt Well Known Member Member

    There is also now this kind of sponge filter. My LFS has them.

    Amazon.com : Powkoo Double Super Biochemical Sponge Filter, Max Aquarium fish Tank 40 Gallons (Filter) : Pet Supplies

    Complaint is they are a little more expensive. However... instant cycles and variable media just make it very cool.
  5. OP

    beau Well Known Member Member

    I have Chocolate Gourami in the tank, which is why I need very low flow. Also Threadfin Rainbow and Ember Tetra, but I don't think they care so much haha.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll take a look at what my lfs has, hopefully I can pick up a corner filter.

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