what should i feed my fish to enhance their color?

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    I have a community tank consisting of 1 painted tetra, 2 serpae tetras, 3 cory cats, 1 diamond tetra, 4 danios, 2 boesmani rainbow fish. I feed them the tetra tropical flakes with the color enhancers, however i want to add more variety to their diet which in turn should help enhance colors i am more specifically targeting the rainbow fish! thanks! :)
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    My personal favorite fish foods are Aqueon, Omega One, and New Life Spectrum. Aqueon and Omega One can be found at your local Petsmart and New Life Spectrum can be found at "high-end" fish stores or online at www.kensfish.com.

    The "ingredients" that set these foods apart are they are made out of "whole fish meal" instead of "fish meal" so all of the nutrients are going into the food. Healthy fish show better color. Omega One puts krill in their color-enhancing foods, which is very nutritious.

    I am sure other members will be along shortly with some more suggestions.
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    thanks! :) i will have to look at my lfs for those! (not a big fan of petco & petsmart haha)