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    I have had a my Betta fish in a community tank for 9 months and he was doing fine, but a couple of day a go he wasn't acting normal. He will set in the top corner for a couple of hours, then swim around a little then go back to corner. His fins looks pale, dull in color, and kinda grayish. One of his gills doesn't look normal. I was wondering if anyone knows what sickness he got. What should I give him? I read on bettatalk.com to put him in a different bowl/jar. Should I or not?

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    1. https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/betta-fish/14253-important-betta-topics-read-first.html

    2. Bettas need room just like anyother fish. And most members will not suggest anythign smaller then a 2.5gal tank for them. I say the same. They'll be happier in a filterd and cycled tank. https://www.fishlore.com/NitrogenCycle.htm

    3. It sounds either A: he is stressed really bad (does he have lines going down his body?) Or B: he could be dieing from age...how long have you had him? Or C: What are the parameters in the tank he is in now?

    4. Can you post a picture of him?

    5. https://www.fishlore.com/Articles/betta-fish-care-guide.htm

    6. You mentioned his gills dont look right..can you explain more? Or if the picture of him is him flaring that'll help.

    7. I'm sorry if I came on harsh....I didnt mean to. Just some questions to help figure out what is wrong with your Betta.
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    I tried to make him flare, but he wouldn't he just looked at minor and sat there. As soon as I find batteries I will take a picture. The gill has a little red spot on it. It could be how he is colored.
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    My little betta Quincey's gills are transparent with black on the bottom. But a red spot on normal gills? Do you know the water parameters?
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    The Aquatic Betta Vase I have is only 1 gallon. I really don't want to put him in there. He is a little more active then before, but still not the same. His color is a white/grayish color still. I added a little more API Stress Coat Water Conditioner. I really don't know what to do. I can't buy meds until I know what it is.

    His body is all different shades of pink and red and he fins are normally dark red and purple. That is why I think it could how he is colored. It has been that why for a while, maybe before I even got him.
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    Ammonia 0 and nitirte 0.
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    Ok judging by that I dont suspect ammonia sickness. How long have you had him/where did you get him. As a betta ages their colors will begin to fade out. But it could also be stress. Are his fins nipped any or does it look like the other fish are bothering him?
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    I got him at Walmart last June or July. So he is not that old, but I don't know how he was when I got him. I think he was nipping at his fins before. I think because of being bored, so I put more decorations in his tank. I am pretty sure he doesn't do it any more.
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    Well most bettas from places like walmart, petsmart, petco, are usually already 6months to a year old. So he could just be getting old. Other then that I'm not 100% sure....Someone else will be able to voice more say then what I have. But if you have anyother question do ask away lol.
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    I think it maybe bacterial infection. Here are the symptoms:
    "Betta may have clamped fins, lay at bottom or at surface, not eat, lose its color, turn gray, barely swim around. In more advanced cases, its body may start developing red patches, open sores and all kinds of nasty looking stuff. (Even holes in its head!! YIKES!!) Different bacteria affect fish differently. Some will attack the internal organs while others prefer to munch on the skin." That is what betta talk said.

    What do you guys think? Could it possibly that?
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    Bacterial Infections can act that way but there are usually some indication of this. Are his eyes white or discolored? Are his fins actually clamped? Is he pineconing any? Are the ends of his fins frayed or discolorded black?
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    No, he eyes are normal. His fins sometimes are clamped, but not all the time. What does pineconing mean? No, his fins are not frayed.
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    pineconing is when the scales are sticking out, so they are not flush with body. think raised. i vote to take him out of the community tank too. if you do and he perks up, then he was probably stressed. if not, then maybe you should consider a med like maracyn 1 or 2, or triple sulfa....depending on what the infection is. DO NOT use bettafix, melafix, or pimafix on bettas! they can harm the labyrinth organ they use to breathe.
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    Bettafix is just a weaker version of Melafix. And Jeril is 100% correct on it damaging the labyrinth organ. Anywho....I think the best thing for you is to remove him from the community tank and into another tank all to himself. If there are no physical signs other then his fins changing colors and resting near the surface I cant really suggest a medication treatment. You can try a doseing of Maracyn2, Trisulfa, Tetracycline, or Erythrocycline. But not all at once you'll kill him. Take your pick, I would go with Maracyn2 then see what it does. Or...seeing we dont know the exact cause of his problem I suggest going with a Jungle form of medication first. Jungle is weaker then all the ones I listed so if there isnt anything wrong it shouldnt hurt him. But again I would move him first then see how he does before medicating him.
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    Okay I put him the other tank and see how he does.
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    I had a betta that sulked and sulked EXACTLY the same as what yours is doing! Then he got his very own tank and a week later he was back to his best and he has never looked back since, there are often bubble nests waiting for me!
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    I would definitely move him to a home of his own. If he is sick you do not want to risk it being contagious to the other fish, and if he is having a sulk, this might be his pick me up. The picture would help or even a video. Keep us posted on his progress!
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    I just wanted to tell you guys that I left him in the tank and added some aquarium salt. He is way more active and his color is coming back really quickly. Thanks for all your help!