What should I do with the babies

  1. c

    cherryphoenix Valued Member Member

    I just got a 3 female guppies from my LFS and one of them has a super dark gravid spot and looks bloated. She might pregnant. My tank is to accomodate that much fish if she is indeed preggo. What do I do with them? Do LFS take fries back?
  2. Bijou88

    Bijou88 Well Known Member Member

    Some will take fry, some won't. Wouldn't hurt to call around. You can always try selling them online if you wanted to try shipping them when they're big enough.

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  3. CindiL

    CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    I have about 35 fry right now that I have put into a 10g tank. I called around and found the big stores wouldn't take them but the locally owned pet stores will. Once they're big enough, around 2 months or so, I'll be keeping a couple and taking the rest in!
    Supposedly I had all females but spent a half n hour one day watching them and discovered 2 of my mollies and 2 of my platies were male! They are now in the 10g also and will be going with the fry to the pet store :)
  4. T

    ThatGuppyGuy Valued Member Member

    Well depending what else is in the tank they may just get eaten.
  5. EricV

    EricV Fishlore VIP Member

    I used to feed excess fry to couple of bettas I kept around for just that purpose.
  6. Alexander333

    Alexander333 New Member Member

    My original plan was to feed them to my Oscar, but I kinda felt fondly towards them and felt really horrible after I fed one (the runt) to him. I lets them grow up a bit and then give them to your LFS, many will only accept them once they have grown up (can't really sell colourless fry). If you can't do anything try give them to your LFS but if you can raise them, especially if you don't know what the father looked like, you could have some really beautiful offsprings:)