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Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by Bettalover99, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Bettalover99

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    Kay so I have 2 fish 1 betta one Goldie. The Goldie is in a 2 gallon and the betta Is in something a little smaller. I was thinking of getting something between 3-5 gallons. I'm
    Not allowed anything bigger. But I was wondering if I could have both my fish in this. If not i will move the betta to the tank the goldfish is currently in and allow the goldfish to have the upgrade . I can't go any bigger than a 5 gallon or POSSIBLY 6 so don't even both suggesting .. Thanks
  2. Jaysee

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    If that's the case, I would just leave things as they are.
  3. klogue2

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    I'd rehome the goldfish and move the betta to a 5 gallon. Bettas need at least 5 gallons to live happily. Goldfish, depending on the type, need at least 20 gallons. If it's a normal, single tail goldfish like the feeders you see in stores, they need even more space, I believe 30+ at minimum.
  4. baggy007

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    as above, i would rehome the goldie if you can, and put the betta in the bigger tank if not do daily p/w/c as the goldie will pollute its water rather quickly
  5. OP

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    No one will take my Goldie who has a larger tank. Plus I'm planning on upgrading him in the summer . I am not considering getting rid of him . Only because me and my sister went to a pet shop and it was feeding time for the piranhas my sister felt so bad for this one that they were just nipping at and begged he store owner (she's five) she pulled 10
    Penny's out of her pocket and handed them to him . He laughed and because she's so cute he reached his net in and fished it out. Jaws (my goldy) got his name from the way he was fighting back to the piranhas . There was 4 of them and 1 of him. He darted around and almost torment them. I begged for him
    Too and we got our fish. He's very plain . He looks like a cat fish almost he's very dark and no one will even give him a second look. He is in their opion ugly and no one wants him in their tanks. So I decided to keep jaws for myself . I hand feed him every day. However during the summer I'm starting to breed. This means I will probably have a seperate tank jaws can stay in . A community tank where I will keep all of my deformed fishes (aha) any fry that are deformed or if I fall Inlove with some crippled fish like usual. It will probably be a 40
    Gallon. He will get quite large . He's about 4 inches and very thick but he just loves me and i would feel terrible for rehoming him as no one knows him
    Like I do. I'm sure he would be happy in a larger tank but everyone I know likes pretty fish and let's face it he just isn't :) I think he can hold off until summer as I've had him for 6 months already. He had a friend nemo but nemo died . They were in my friends 10 gallon. At the time she didn't care about what was in her tank but now he's housed In a 2 gallon and is fed high quality flakes changed about twice a week and happy as can be . No filter or heater but he likes it . Never hung out at the bottom and I don't think he will be in any harm waiting another 6 months for a new home.
  6. lp89

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    At the very least you should get Goldie a filter. I worry he won't make it another 6 months in your 2g, especially without a filter. Maybe you can call around to a few pet stores and see if any of those will take him. They may even give you store credit in exchange for him.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide.
  7. kinezumi89

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    That is a very sweet story :) I agree though, if you want Jaws to make it until you can upgrade, you have a lot of work ahead of you! Goldies produce a ton of waste, which is why they need so much room - not necessarily because they need a lot of room to swim around (comets are more active than fancies, which is why they need 30 rather than 20 gallons like the fancies do).

    If you could get a sponge filter, that would be best. It doesn't take up quite as much room as an HOB, and it will be somewhere for bacteria to grow and help keep Jaws healthy. However there will not be enough surface area in the sponge to grow enough bacteria to consume all of his waste, so even if you do get a sponge filter you'll still need to do a lot of water changes.

    It sounds like overkill, but unfortunately he's in less than 1/10th of the water he needs to be in. I can tell you really care for him, so here's what I would do:

    1. I'm not sure what kind of stores you have around there, but I bought a 5.5 gallon tank at a grocery store for $10 (US). Even if you can only find a 5 gallon, that's more than twice as much space! He'll love the area to swim in, and it'll dilute his waste a little more.

    2. Buy a bottle of Seachem Prime, if you don't have one already. (If you do, ignore the following spiel ;)) Most water conditioners just detoxify chlorine and chloramine, but Prime also gets ammonia and nitrite. It only lasts 24 hours though, so you'll need to dose it every day. Any time it isn't in the water, his poops are decaying and making the water toxic for him! Before I knew anything about fish, I had a betta in a roughly 1 gallon bowl, and his fins started turning black because of ammonia burns. :(

    3. Do daily water changes. It sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, you have a fish that is known to be a huge waste producer, living in a tiny bowl. If even just a betta - who is known for not producing much waste - can suffer from ammonia burns, then surely a goldfish is even more at risk. I would do as large of a change as you can do, enough room for him to still swim around. (As I'm sure you know, there aren't any beneficial bacteria in the water, so no worries there.) Add enough Prime to dose the entire volume (which won't be a lot, Prime is super concentrated; you'll only need a couple drops).

    4. If possible, get a sponge filter. They sell them at Petsmart/Petco, I'm pretty sure. In addition to creating a home for the bacteria, so that at least some of Jaws' waste will be consumed, it will also help aerate the water - such a big fish in a little bowl means that he's probably consuming a significant amount of the oxygen, so you want to make sure there's enough for him to be comfortable.

    Hope this helps! :)
  8. AlanGreene

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    I am afraid you cannot keep a goldfish in such a small tank, t is unfair to the fish, the only option is to rehome it, ou can have a betta in a 5g tank if u keep the water very fresh in it
  9. kinezumi89

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    Technically 20 gallons is the minimum, not 5. 5 is barely better than 2. However, the OP has already said that they are not willing to part with Jaws, so all we can do is make him as comfortable and healthy as possible until they're able to upgrade :)
  10. AlanGreene

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    20g is the minimum for a betta? Many people on here have betta in 10g tanks, I personally wouldn't have a betta in less than 20g but with daily water changes five is okay or not? I do not have betta but I have heard they do okay alone in small spaces aslong as the water is very clean. I would have said 30g is the minimum for a goldfish.
  11. kinezumi89

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    We're talking about goldfish, not bettas :p The OP has a goldie in a 2 gallon. A betta in a 1-ish gallon is definitely too small, but it isn't as critical of a situation as a goldfish in a 2 gallon bowl.

    It depends on the type of goldfish - for fancy goldfish (the ones with bigger fins), 20 gallons are required; for a comet/common (the torpedo-shaped ones) 30 gallons is needed because they're more active.

    I agree that 5 gallons is sufficient for a betta. :)
  12. AlanGreene

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    Ah okay! glad we could hash that one out, just got our wires crossed :) a goldfish in a 2g tank is quite upsetting for me to think about especially without a filter, if you really really really and I mean really cannot get the goldfish a new larger home by any means you really have to get him a filter and give him daily water changes until you can upgrade your tank, fish cannot speak remember and just because he isn't dead doesn't mean he is happy in his home, I know you love him so please listen to our advice so he can live a happier life, please keep us updated and the fishlore community will offer any help they can!