What should I do about my angelfish?


So, since I’ve gotten on this forum I‘ve learned so much. And I’ve learned that I can’t keep my angelfish is my 32 1/2 gal. But, thats because of how tall they get. My tanks water is 15 inches tall, I don’t know if that makes any sense, and my two of my angelfish have been 4 inches tall for months now. They get plenty of food, and they’re eyes look normal (I found this video that said angelfish can stop growing if they’re unhealthy and they‘re eyes just grow, I have no idea if thats true.) and I got the third one the day i joined fishlore.
The panda angelfish, Hummingbird, was the black angelfish, Sabath. They ate all the shrimp and the platt’s I had in there. Hummingbird bullied Sabath for a while. And it wasn‘t “you come near me i bight you” kind if bullying it was “I’m gonna chase you around the tank until the human sticks her hand in the tank and makes me stop” kind of bullying. And I did stick my hand in the tank, Sabaths fins where very torn when I put Hummingbird in a 2 1/2 gallon-this was before I joined this forum and was on the internet, the internet said to put them in a different tank or a breeder box. The only thing I had was the 2 1/2- Hummingbird was in there for a few days. I put him back in and they Where besties again. That lasted for a day. Then, Sabath started bullying Hummingbird. I think I put him in the small tank three times before I joined this forum and saw that I need more than two angelfish, so I got a koi angelfish. Her name is Mabel. Sabath hasn’t bullied her at all. Except on the first day, Hummingbird did to. But, that’s normal for all animal. Even humans. Sabath still occasionally nips at Hummingbird, but only when he’s up in Sabaths face and won’t go away. And then I start reading more about angelfish and how I need at least 50 gallons. I have not room for a 50 gallon tank, and even if I did I couldn’t afford it.
I also have a very small schools (Two ottos, three embers, one silver tipped tetras-glares at Sabath-) if I where to get two more ottos, two more embers and three more silver tipped tetras would that be overstocking? Here are the things I would want no to do.
1: since all the angelfish are getting along, add to my schools if it won’t be overstocking.
2: rehome the angelfish, see if I could get a new username, lol. put a bunch of plants in, make my schools bigger and start a sorority.
3: rehome the angelfish, make my schools bigger and ad some more schools and maybe some shrimp and move my betta fish that’s in a 2 1/2-also did that the day I got Mabel-to the 32 1/2 gallon.
4:get rid of my tetras, get mores ottos and maybe another angelfish.
I also don’t know if I where to get rid of Sabath, I would get cursed or something. While my tank was cycling I had a dream that I was at a fish store and a black angelfish told me to get it. A few months later, I saw a black angelfish, it was the only black angelfish in the tank and I felt like it was meant for me. Without hesitation, I bought him. I had bought Hummingbird a few weeks before, the fish store said he’d be fine in his own. Now I ask all my questions here.
Thanks for reading, tell me your thoughts :)


It is a shame to rehome animals that you love, but for the sake of the angel's well being, I think the best option is to rehome them. They won't do well in that size long term, so I would start looking into finding them a new home, even Sabath. This frees up room to try out new species of fish that would do better in that tank size. If you're that attached to Sabath, you could keep them in your tank for a bit longer until you're able to set up a larger tank.

I would definitely add to your existing schools and try to have at least 5 of each tetra species and at least one more oto (however they do amazingly in larger schools). There are many beautiful "centerpiece" fish that would work well in your tank and get along with your tetras, even smaller south american cichlids. German blue rams and apistogramma are two lovely smaller cichlids that would work well in your tank. I honestly wouldn't keep a betta with silvertip tetras as they can be nippy.


Ok, thank you! I’ll try to rehome them once I’m allowed to post threads on buy sell trade

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