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HI ...

I currently have a 40 gal tank with 2 silver dollers,2 silver sharks, two red tipped barbs,a few tetras and a couple of plecs, oh and a pair of gouarmi's...they all get along really well and all seem to shoal together, however I am looking to get one more maybe two new fish but want something a little different ......not too weird looking though ! ....Has anyone got any suggestions ?
ok I hate to tell this to you but you crouded your tank very badly I would segest getting rid of some of your fish (yes I know its hard ) but sinceyour tank is over stocted they will start fighting sooner or later

p.s. I would get rid of the fish that will get the biggest first
a little hint fish r friend not to be mean but mabye you should tell him what fish are going to get to big in case he doesn't know but I believe silver sharks are also bala sharks so you need to get rid of those as they can get a litle over a foot big the rest of the fish are fine on size I am not sure on compatibilty but what type of gouramis do you have and plecos most gouramis tend to get very aggresive as they get older not sure on the barbs and dollars and what type of tetras do you have

Welcome to the fish forum though
its ok just think of what you would want to here that's what I do I write what I think I would want to hear so if I don't know something I won't really say anything and if I do know something I will tell them

Please get back to us and tell us if what you have are actually bala sharks (google it, and see if the pics add up) - IF they are, then you may want to consider finding a bigger home for these babies. They can get up to 13 inches long, and also prefer to swim in larger groups, (of like 4 or 5), so these specifications are not met either.

Also, if by saying Pleco, you mean common pleco, this poses an even larger problem. These get up to 2 feet!!! 130 gallon tank would be preferable for these fishes.

Sorry if it stings a little, But it's really for the best.

When you do clarify and decide what you want to do with these current fishes you have, we will be more than happy to give you other suggestion for reasonable fishes for a 40 gallon tank
Thanks for all the advice guys, I have a glod spot plec which bout 3 inches long, I,ve had the sharks for about 6 months and whilst they grew when I first got them they haven't got noticably bigger for some time now there bout 4inches long,I think my other plec is the common one but I will go check pics on the net along with the shark, the plec is about 8inches long and I have had him for about a year , he seems very relaxed and has not grown at all over the last 6 months, I agree its maybe not as it says it should be in the books but I promise you I watch them for hours and they all get on like a house on fire, the dollars share the plecs food and they don't look particulary short of space , the only decoration I have is live plants which again contrary to all the books everyone leaves alone ....even the dollars...I have serpae tetras,penguin tetras,and 1 lemon tetra...
yup and I just saw those pictures those are bala sharks they will grow trust me those were the only fish my aunt couldnt kill and had to get rid of them they got to big
thanks for that, I think I will watch them for a bit and when they do grow any bigger I'll swop them for smething else @ my local pet store, that's if I can catch the buggers, they are lightning quick and and can jump like their life depended on it ...

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