What plants?

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    Hey, everyone.

    This will probably get moved, but I wasn't sure where to put it.

    I have a 45 gallon tank that only has artificial plants right now. Eventually, I would like to have a total of two angelfish, two German blue rams, six black phantom tetras and keep my butterfly gold-spot pleco. I want to add some rocks, plants, and my mopani driftwood that I've been soaking for several months.

    I would like some plants that can grow in the river-pebble-like substrate I have, on rocks, or with driftwood, and in neutral to slightly acidic water, for the fish I'd like to have. I have absolutely zero experience with plants, and I'd like some advice.

    Also, what are some rocks I can use? We have a lot of river rock in our landscaping. A LOT. So I can use that. When I went to Arizona, I picked up some rose quartz and granite, and I was wondering if I could use them. Any tests to check for metals that I should do beforehand?

    Thanks, guys.
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    Well you can attach some Anubias or Java fern onto your driftwood or the new rocks that you got. You can also add java moss. For a foreground plant I would go with some Dwarf Sag. Some good background plants would be moneywort, amazon swords, wisteria, Brazilian Pennywort, hornwort, you can also try some Crypts for the mid ground. These are really great low light plants and really don't need anything. I have some in my tank with some regular lighting and sand and they do great! You should really try these plants!

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    I have two Dirted Planted tanks. I found out how to set the tanks up on Youtube. You have to look around because not everyone knows what they are talking about. I found DustinsFishTanks seemed to be knowledgeable. I also got my first two orders of plants from him. There are folks on here that sell plants also. But do your research. Some plants can't be planted they have to float. Good luck. Live plants are beautiful.
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    Thanks, guys. I've been doing a lot of research, and I'm looking at water wisteria, amazon swords, java ferns, java moss, anubias coffeefolia, floating ferns, aponogeton ulvaceus, hornwort, and red ludwigia. Any advice on these that I should know? Thanks.
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    I bought three Amazon swords one large & 2 small. I put the large one and one small one in my 40 gallon tank which really gets no light and I put the other small one in my 10 gallon that's in front of the window. I know I know you're never supposed to put a fish tank in front of the window however, that little sword is growing like crazy. I'm planning on putting some cherry shrimp in that tank to take care of the algae.
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    What type of lighting do you have? How deep is the tank? It is important to know if you have low, medium, or high lighting before recommending plants.
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    The red ludwigia is slow growing for me. I have several of them and they are still rather small. 35w on a 55g. 8.1ph very hard water. You should look for plants that likes your tap water.
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    I have medium lighting. It's not too intense, but I have two LED's, one white and one blue. The tank is 19 inches tall, a 45 gallon. I use tap water, but we have groundwater that is treated to be soft. The pH hovers right around a neutral 7, and I have driftwood that I will add soon to slowly lower it.
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    What wattage are your leds?
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    Wattage is a poor measure of light intensity in the first place, and with LEDs it's even worse. A better question is, "Do you know the PAR ratings of the lights, and if not, do you know the model?"
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    I don't know anything about them except they are Aquatic Life. This is my first tank, and they were given to me as a gift, so I had no idea what I was doing at first. But, they are pretty bright, every area of the tank is lit evenly and brightly.
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    Not really. They are long like that, but they rest on the top with of the tank itself instead of being supported above. I have two, one is blue and one is white, with only one strip of light inside each.