What plants should be used... 30 Gallon Tank

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    Hey there! I am new to this wonderful world of fish keeping... I got me a 30 Gallon tank I bought used about 3 wks ago. Since then I have been doing alot of research on what fish I would like to get and all that. So far I know that I want to have a freshwater Asian community tank. The fishes I would like to get are going to be Glass cat fish, Kuhli (coolie) Loaches, Harlequin Rasbora, Cherry Barbs and SAEs.... Now since I found wut fish I wanted I went into if I wanted to get fake plants or real. I have come to the decision that I wanted real plants. I have read that real benefit ur tank and look alot better as well. But here is the thing. #1 question I have since I am going with and Asian community type of fish wut plants would compliment that as well and are easy to take care of and that would be good from PH levels from 6.0 to 7.0.... #2 question is that with me wanting plants is an under ground filtration system an good ideal to have since I have been reading that u have to have some substrate as well as gravel?? But then again I have heard u can put some plants in the gravel and they will be fine... I just need some help I have been doing my research and cant seem to have any luck.
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