What plants do you have in your shrimp tanks?

  1. H

    Humble Valued Member Member

    Hey everyone,I wanna put in some more plants in my tank for my RCS that are coming in soon. All I have is some Java Moss and Christmas Moss. What do you guys have?
  2. Big Red

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  3. B

    Bhuij Valued Member Member

    -1 Amazon Sword
    -1 Amazon Dwarf Sword
    -2 Java Ferns
    -1 Anubias Nana
    -1 Hornwort
    -In-progress carpet of Monte Carlo

    -A few jungle or corkscrew vals
    -Java Moss
    -And of course I'm hoping all my plants will propagate a lot and fill up the tank more

    Depending on your lighting, you might try a dwarf sword. They grow easy and fast, but don't get to 20" tall like a full size Amazon Sword. I'm using mine as a midground plant.

  4. Aster

    Aster Well Known Member Member

    1 anubias (anubias barteri)
    1 java fern mat (microsorum pteropus)
    4 stems of water wisteria (hygrophila difformis)
    7 stems of brazilian pennywort (hydrocotyle leucocephala)
    1 dwarf lily (nymphaea rubra)
    1 marimo moss ball (aegagropila linnaei)

    They are all low-light, easy plants that I keep in my 10g without co2 or ferts!

    EDIT: didn't see the second part about shrimp, but I'm sure shrimp would love them too :p
  5. Geoff

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  6. B

    Bhuij Valued Member Member

    Heh, my apologies. Just realized you're asking about shrimp tanks. Mine has just about everything but shrimp. Still. Good plants :D
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  8. Schuyler93

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    Here is my list of plants

    4 Amazon swords
    2 crypt undulata
    2 crypt lutea
    2 red luwidgia
    1 narrow leaf sword I think?
    1 anubuis Nana
    Java Moss
    And a soon carpet of baby dwarf tears
  9. uncclewis

    uncclewis Well Known Member Member

    Wisteria. They love it. It's their favorite. Aside from Java moss. I have many others but they love hiding there