What Other Schooling Fish Goes Well With Rummy Nose Tetras?

I have a 20 gallon long tank currently with 8 RMT. They are schooling well, swimming back and forth all day.

I would like to add another school of different fish that will:
  • Also school well, and
  • NOT interrupt the schooling of the RMT
  • NOT mix in with the RMT school (i.e. I don't want one giant mixed school).
In other words, what schooling fish would school separately, apart from the RMT and not disrupt RMT?
Harlequin rasboras are normally paired with rummynose tetras!

Honestly the rummynose tetras are the only actual schooling fish for the common fish found at pet stores. Your not going to get another kind of fish like them! Most fish will after 2 weeks start to break. Also rummys no matter what will never stop schooling so you don't have to worry about another fish disrupting them.
bkimbark1 said:
Neon tetras look nice and usually hang out in the mid-bottom region of the tank. I believe they would work together well and probably would not school together.
Neons are cooler water fish and prefer <74F while the rummynose like 78F Cardinals which are similar looking are better for warm water!
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