What Order Should I Get These Fish/are They Compatible? 75 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Heisenberg430, Jul 6, 2019.

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    Currently trying to setup a saltwater tank for the first time ever. While I’m dealing with the headache of becoming a nitrogen cycle expert and salinity expert, I would like to know what order I should get these fish I desire in the future (or if they’re compatible) when I feel my tank (FOWLR, 75 gal) is ready :):

    I’m planning on getting;
    Tangs (is my tank big enough?)
    Royal Gamma Brasslet
    Yellow Watchman Goby
    Purple Dottyback

    Pistol Shrimp
    Emerald Crabs
    Hermit Crabs
    Blood Shrimp

    I’m a complete newbie and obviously I wouldn’t get all these fish quickly. Just want to know much I can hold, what order, and compatibility. Any suggestions are welcome too!
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    I’ve looked at that website and others like it, I just want actual human feedback & opinions rather than a website’s algorithm for what is compatible and whatnot.
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    Might want to skip the dotty back or choose between it and royal gramma..
    They look too close to each other for the RGs liking..
    Small tangs maybe in a 75..I am being generous with that compared to many marine keepers who swear no tang under 6 feet .
    What tang were you thinking ? I'll take a guess you like the yellow ones ?
    Clowns are related to damsels and act the same ..Get a pair at same time and add them last after all are settled ..
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    I know just how that feels! I generally have a distrust of the conglomerates to be quite honest... I won't even get started there though.;) Anyway, LiveAquaria is actually pretty accurate as far as tank sizes go. The link shows some of the smallest tangs, which is what will be needed for a 75g.

    I would suggest adding the fish you've listed in the following order...

    1. Firefish & Yellow Watchman Goby (look for a Randall's or Candy Striped pistol shrimp for the goby. They are the prettiest pistol shrimp in my very biased opinion. Love my YWG and his Randall.:D)
    2. Blood Shrimp, Royal Gramma Basslet & Clown, (funny, all three of my reef tank fish are on your list, and I used to have the Firefish too.;))
    3. Dottyback, (you know these guys are real jerks, right?;))
    4. One of the dwarf tangs from the Live Aquaria link above.
    I cannot suggest quarantining enough... nothing worse than your fourth fish killing fish 1, 2, & 3. Tangs, in particular, are quite disease prone, so choose carefully and do your best to protect your display with a good quarantine method. ;)

    Also, I suggest feeding fishy vitamins. I use Selcon with my fish's food and one of the selling points that sold me on the product were the reports I read of very old tangs who'd been free of disease for years.
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    A 75 is really only suitable for one of the smallest Tangs long term. Yellows are pretty aggressive (had to kick one out of my 90 gallon). They really need other fish to keep them in check which is difficult in a 90 gallon. A small bristletooth Tang (ie Kole, Tomini) would be well suited to one long term though.

    Skip the dottyback and go with a basslet as it's a better community fish. The purple will be an unholy terror. The Orchid is generally the only dottyback that is recommended and even that is with caution.

    Firefish is likely to be bullied by just about any assertive fish. Once again stick with the basslet.

    Skip the Emerald Crab as they can bother fish and corals. I have one in my sump to help keep it clean now but no way would I turn it loose in my dispaly tank. Even then wait until there is algae growing before getting one.

    Here is mine at work in my sump: